April 22, 2021

Ashis Nandy

  • Middle Name Confidence
    Middle Name Confidence

    Muslims see in Asaduddin Owaisi a leader who can fight the BJP on their own terms. Some of that goes back to...

  • Hibernating Idealism
    Hibernating Idealism

    The sly interplay between idealism and ideology keeps excess at bay. In these times of ‘total politics’...

  • The Familial Psychopath
    The Familial Psychopath

    Bangalore molesters were only doing their best as ‘worthy’ sons

  • The State Can Only Be A Goliath
    The State Can Only Be A Goliath

    A myopic Indian state has irrevocably forfeited Kashmiris’ trust. Like in Palestine, they’ll now wage a...

  • 'Governments Will Break This Country'
    'Governments Will Break This Country'

    We forget that during the independence struggle, freedom fighters could speak publicly.

  • 'Two Demands'
    'Two Demands'

    1. That Penguin Random House contest the suit against The Hindus and 2. That the sections of the Indian Penal...

  • What Ashis Nandy Actually Said At JLF
    What Ashis Nandy Actually Said At JLF

    'Our corruption doesn’t look that corrupt, their corruption does.' Transcript of the relevant portion of...

  • Prance Of The Trickster
    Prance Of The Trickster

    Bal Thackeray played a game of violent juvenile pranks as politics

  • Out, Damned Spot!
    Out, Damned Spot!

    Absolution for Modi? Maybe a visit to the Ajmer dargah could help.

  • The Great Indian Love Affair With Censorship
    The Great Indian Love Affair With Censorship

    Democracy’s new torchbearers would brook no lenience to ‘sedition’

  • Shock Detector Test
    Shock Detector Test

    Cricket’s newest fall noted, the IPL row will limp off sated TV screens

  • Abiding Shame
    Abiding Shame

    'If the Indian Government deports Taslima Nasrin, or holds her as an illegal alien, it will shame and...

  • Power Defangs
    Power Defangs

    Politics has blunted the edge of his ideology, making him less dangerous

  • The Other 9/11
    The Other 9/11

    Terror, as the tool of despair or virtue, has ruled our world order

  • 'Let Mufti Continue'
    'Let Mufti Continue'

    Prominent Citizens appeal to 'the Congress leadership': 'Despite Mufti Sahib's readiness to step down as CM,...

  • Allure Of The Demonic
    Allure Of The Demonic

    Hate has become respectable now. But Savarkar and Jinnah had understood this maxim long ago.

  • A Billion Gandhis
    A Billion Gandhis

    Down the ages, a natural tolerance—tinged with faith—has been our subsoil. Why do my friends foist a dry...

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