June 15, 2021

Ashis K. Biswas

  • Gimme Red
    Gimme Red

    They may go soft on the UPA—to keep the BJP at bay

  • Munnabhai, Cordon Bleu
    Munnabhai, Cordon Bleu

    Munna Maharaj, the man Mittals have trusted their food with

  • Death At Sandheads
    Death At Sandheads

    Why are ships queuing up to die in the Bay of Bengal? Gets their owners easy money.

  • The Cop At The Red Light
    The Cop At The Red Light

    In Bengal, disinvestment is Left's middle name

  • Along The Heart's Flow Chart
    Along The Heart's Flow Chart

    An IIM graduate who gave up a corporate career to provide a home for Calcutta's destitute children

  • Auteur's Raincoat
    Auteur's Raincoat

    Rituparno covets crossover popularity. Will his first Hindi venture deliver?

  • The Lost Sheep
    The Lost Sheep

    The colour of your collar doesn't matter when it comes to sharing the debt burden of sleep

  • Everyman Is A Midas
    Everyman Is A Midas

    The Padma Bhushan comes too late. His audience had made Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee an icon long back.

  • The Taxing Ways Of Socialism
    The Taxing Ways Of Socialism

  • Kalkutta Mail
    Kalkutta Mail

    It's a cross-cultural landmark—a German film unit making a Bengali movie on a Bengal-based story

  • Hate Kicks In
    Hate Kicks In

    Behind the recent anti-Bihari 'wave' is a wider question of how to manage too many people and too little jobs...

  • Fire In The Belly
    Fire In The Belly

    A rail recruitment test, regional interests prove a molotov cocktail for Assam, Bihar. Updates.

  • Saint Teresa
    Saint Teresa

    The Vatican gets an Indian flavour. The Mother her due.

  • The Hue of Cries
    The Hue of Cries

    Political Calcutta protests, citizens endorse a rally ban

  • Thin Red Line
    Thin Red Line

    The PW is on the run in its stronghold, Telangana. But its tentacles are throbbing in the rest of...

  • The Pink Of Health
    The Pink Of Health

    Investors and liberalisers find new love, lots of it, in Buddha's abode

  • Sands Of Time
    Sands Of Time

    Chokher Bali is vintage Bangla brew. As a bonus, Tagore meets Aishwarya.

  • Degrees Of Despair
    Degrees Of Despair

    A movie on sex workers rubs some the wrong way

  • The Last Straw
    The Last Straw

    Hoping the worst is behind them, Cola majors move on to win back consumer trust Updates

  • Shades Of Pink
    Shades Of Pink

    CM Buddhadeb's budding friendship with the deputy PM has Calcutta wags in a spin

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