May 11, 2021

Arun Sinha

  • Quiet, Like A Rhizome
    Quiet, Like A Rhizome

    He’s a springer of surprises, working the equations, releasing the tension only when everything finally...

  • Not A Museum Of Castes
    Not A Museum Of Castes

    Dependence of politicians on voters cutting across castes, existence of factions within every caste, spread...

  • A Realist Takes On An Illusionist
    A Realist Takes On An Illusionist

    Nitish has delivered results for everyone to see. But Modi’s patter holds some pull.

  • Common Cause
    Common Cause

    Forget BJP, the Congress must curb its communalism

  • The Pied Wiper’s Tune
    The Pied Wiper’s Tune

    O come all ye faithful! Follow the wiper-out of the Congress!

  • Secular Jugular
    Secular Jugular

    With the Congress mess, the BJP almost had it in the bag...till the Church woke up

  • Beyond Iftaar Partisanship
    Beyond Iftaar Partisanship

    Are Muslims looking at the Congress and the BJP in terms of who is better at governance and managing the...

  • A Subtler Intelligence
    A Subtler Intelligence

    It takes more than lock-up interviews to tackle Islamist terror

  • Long Siege At Pataliputra
    Long Siege At Pataliputra

    How Narendra Modi got both his facts and his strategy wrong in making the Patna speech

  • No Country For Countrymen
    No Country For Countrymen

    As the Manmohan Singh government makes evident its unfriendliness to villages, the nation hurtles towards...

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