August 01, 2021

Arpita Basu

  • Be Your Own Dick Tracy
    Be Your Own Dick Tracy

    Just walk into the nearest spyware shop, and grab the gizmo of your choice.

  • The Bong Parallel
    The Bong Parallel

    Bengali TV soaps too are reworking the storyboard, finding new themes

  • Women On Top
    Women On Top

    The saas-bahu fare is passe, Hindi TV serials get bold and real...up to a point

  • Richa Chadda
    Richa Chadda

    Mastering a Bihari dialect, managing a prosthetic stomach, and living her dream at Cannes—actress Richa...

  • Gautam Chadha
    Gautam Chadha

    The India representative of Royal Caribbean Cruises on luxury liners and Indian vacationers

  • Blameless The Happy Vestal?
    Blameless The Happy Vestal?

    Justice Katju deems nearly all Indians to possess spotless minds. How far does the echo go?

  • Look Who’s Chasing... The Twitter God
    Look Who’s Chasing... The Twitter God

    The celebrity isn’t the known face, it’s the Twitter handle that gets the following.

  • Breathe The Freon Air
    Breathe The Freon Air

    Not one for the great outdoors? Take in the sights from your living room

  • Niche Treats
    Niche Treats

    From film appreciation to photography, from paragliding to culinary trails...

  • William Dalrymple
    William Dalrymple

    On co-curating Princes and Painters in Mughal Delhi 1701-1857, the first major exhibition of late Mughal art,...

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh

    The politician and ICCR president debuted on stage as a singer recently

  • The Same Old Story
    The Same Old Story

    “We have no expectations from any political party. Votes are bought — when that’s the method of...

  • Robert Crumb
    Robert Crumb

    Legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb was in Delhi for the convention Comic Con India

  • Rohit Chawla
    Rohit Chawla

    The photographer on his calendar art tribute to Frida Kahlo and literary greats

  • The Colour Of Nude
    The Colour Of Nude

    A liberated set of Indians who like the feel of air, not cloth on their skin

  • Fest La Vie
    Fest La Vie

    Art, literature or music, there’s a jamboree for each occasion

  • Rekha Hebbar Rao
    Rekha Hebbar Rao

    The artist on co-curating An Artist’s Quest, a retrospective of her father K.K. Hebbar’s works, on...

  • Itchy Fingers
    Itchy Fingers

    A nation of shoplifters? The No. 1 tag does not rest easy.

  • Couldn’t Prevent Jack From Being Happy
    Couldn’t Prevent Jack From Being Happy

    We had an eye out for happiness, and found it in poverty softened by hope, in struggle, in selflessness, and...

  • Balcony Reads
    Balcony Reads

    Everything you ever wanted to know about your fave out in a book

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