August 01, 2021

Arijit Barman

  • All Lines Busy
    All Lines Busy

    Its direct selling revolution hasn't worked, so Reliance is making a rapid U-turn

  • Flow Theory
    Flow Theory

    As demand surges, India eyes foreign lands and higher domestic production to shore up its energy security

  • Brevity Is The All-Of-It
    Brevity Is The All-Of-It

    War is hell. India's hopes of riding this one out hinge upon how long it doesn't last.

  • It's A Buyer's Market
    It's A Buyer's Market

    Don't beg or steal. For borrowers, there's money out there and it's cheaper, more accessible than ever.

  • Reality Bites With Images
    Reality Bites With Images

    Television in India is on the threshold of its second boom. And this time news will call the shots.

  • The King's Chevalier Trio
    The King's Chevalier Trio

    Vajpayee's strategic core, to fight a protracted war against the swadeshi brigade, is finally in place

  • Man Of The Moment
    Man Of The Moment

    Belying all forecasts, Arun Shourie's chutzpah sees him actually pull ahead

  • Wanted: Orderly Transitions
    Wanted: Orderly Transitions

    JPMorgan's Managing Director and Head of Natural Resources Group for Asia Pacific on the much debated, and...

  • Many Access To Grind
    Many Access To Grind

    It's a dialogue of the deaf as everybody hangs up on everybody else

  • Cup, Kyun and Kahaan
    Cup, Kyun and Kahaan

    The questions, and more importantly, the answers to the quiz in the Outlook World Cup Cricket Special which...

  • The Trishul Dilemma
    The Trishul Dilemma

    Pulled by realeconomik and pushed by realpolitik, North Block may be forced to balance its act and opt for...

  • Impaired Mobility
    Impaired Mobility

    The SC has put brakes on the WLL juggernaut. But cellphone operators can still lose the plot.More Coverage

  • Mr And Mrs Iyer
    Mr And Mrs Iyer

    So forceful is the statement against the evils of communalism and casteism that the movie often loses itself...

  • Post-Mortem Of A Bull
    Post-Mortem Of A Bull

    The JPC is ready with its findings. What's left is the final scrutiny, read diluting the report.

  • A Fossil Fueldom
    A Fossil Fueldom

    The oil sector may be deregulated, but Naik's ministry still can't bear to part with this most cash-rich...

  • 'A Sustained Campaign Of Misinformation Against Me'
    'A Sustained Campaign Of Misinformation Against Me'

    An exclusive interview with Ram Naik, the union minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas on APM dismantling and...

  • Shadow Power Plays
    Shadow Power Plays

    Given the never-ending jostling over the sale of oil PSUs, whatever the PM decides will end up displeasing...

  • Firm Sale, Infirm Power
    Firm Sale, Infirm Power

    The disinvestment war within the NDA is the PM's proxy struggle to establish his authority More Coverage

  • Heavy Weather Ahead
    Heavy Weather Ahead

    Fernandes' open attack has the sell-off process hitting a crisis, with other ministers too now ganging up...

  • Monopoly Hangover
    Monopoly Hangover

    VSNL is still happily lonely in the international long-distance stakes, and it looks phoney

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