January 22, 2021

Anvar Alikhan

  • Dawns Over Petersburg
    Dawns Over Petersburg

    A run through the enlightened despots who ruled the Russian empire

  • Man Who Stayed In The Cold
    Man Who Stayed In The Cold

    A complex, ambiguous world where the laws of gravity work slightly differently

  • Goa Restaurant: Thalassa
    Goa Restaurant: Thalassa

    Serves the best Greek meal east of Mykonos.

  • Thinking Global, Eating Local
    Thinking Global, Eating Local

    Tapri’s USP is its surprisingly extensive chai menu, covering over 40 different varieties

  • Slurping And Schlooping
    Slurping And Schlooping

    Good old spaghetti is probably one of the most sensory and pleasurable eating experiences in any culinary...

  • Macau Diary
    Macau Diary

    Almost every Las Vegas company has built a casino in Macau—swankier than the original—and their earnings...

  • In A Lagan Nu Custard
    In A Lagan Nu Custard

    This is a place designed for only one thing, and that is the serious enjoyment of food.

  • In Amitav’s Thriving World
    In Amitav’s Thriving World

    Kim Ling’s food is reminiscent of the theme of Ghosh's Ibis trilogy, being a cultural collision of Chinese...

  • “Help, The Termites Are Spreading”
    “Help, The Termites Are Spreading”

    The grotesque, the barbaric and the kiss of death.

  • Stagecraft Was One Job
    Stagecraft Was One Job

    How an abrasive genius wisened up, learnt to respect talent and lead a creative cohort towards great things

  • The Irresistible Rise Of The How To
    The Irresistible Rise Of The How To

    A rehashing of top CEO profiles leads up to the pieces de resistance: inspiring quotes

  • A PP Meal For Our Ex-Ed
    A PP Meal For Our Ex-Ed

    Vinod Mehta was a champion of small, unpretentious, bullshit-free eating joints...

  • Multi-Cuisine A La Mode
    Multi-Cuisine A La Mode

    Johnathan's Kitchen is essentially what used to be called a 'multi-cuisine' restaurant, except that they do...

  • A Glitazar In The Sky
    A Glitazar In The Sky

  • Harvard Diary
    Harvard Diary

    Harvard was founded in 1636, while Galileo was still alive, and academia believed the sun revolved around the...

  • A Cantata For Cantare
    A Cantata For Cantare

    A charming joint housed in an old Portuguese-style home, down the lane from where artist F.N. Souza once...

  • In Defence Of Completeness
    In Defence Of Completeness

    A talented Bangladeshi mathematician’s incredible sad story includes, as in Sebald and Eco, many worlds

  • SMS Audacious
    SMS Audacious

    In 1914, a lone German warship spread terror and bombed Madras

  • Last Man In The Tower
    Last Man In The Tower

    A scholarly investigation into the top-sec­ret visit of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s second-in-command, to...

  • Pilgrimage To Triplicane
    Pilgrimage To Triplicane

    The ‘Crown of South India’ is a sprawling two-storey maze of eating and cooking spaces, wafting the...

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