June 16, 2021

Anuja Chauhan

  • Jerusalem Diary
    Jerusalem Diary

    Where you can pick up hands of Fatima, stars of David and crucifixes for the same secular price of 2 shekels...

  • Miss Adventures
    Miss Adventures

    Possesses a lovely gothic quality which keeps you hooked till the end, even if the plot is reminiscent of...

  • One Night On The Highway Ain’t Enough
    One Night On The Highway Ain’t Enough

    Admittedly, men are better at casual sex than women, but it’s no noble or empowering

  • Invert That Storyboard
    Invert That Storyboard

    Beefcake in bubble-baths and other Manmohanomic reversals

  • On Our Gilded Thrones
    On Our Gilded Thrones

    The Big Fat Indian Wedding is nothing new. It’s been a fact of life since Sita wed Ram. We all aspire to be...

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