October 30, 2020

Anita Roy

  • Live Specimens
    Live Specimens

    The themes may be serious, this is ultimately a wonderfully comic first book, and one that will have readers...

  • Prisoners Of The Sun
    Prisoners Of The Sun

    Three generations are braided through Hiroshima, the Partition and 9/11. Yet they are untouched by it all.

  • Malayan Days
    Malayan Days

    Displays a first-time novelist's classic tendency to mistake accumulation of detail with narrative richness

  • Pickle Point
    Pickle Point

    The spareness of writing, and clear-eyed descriptions of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary times,...

  • Oxonian Curse
    Oxonian Curse

    The text in large Ladybird First Reader size fonts has resulted in a Big Book, but only, ultimately, in the...

  • So Like Mike Then
    So Like Mike Then

    Kunzru's wit acquires a bitter edge in this interweave of the real and the imagined in the year that was 1968

  • Listen To The Ultrasound
    Listen To The Ultrasound

    Notwithstanding the gaps, an important first step towards a more politically astute and personally heartfelt...

  • Vox Pop
    Vox Pop

    Bottled Water brands? My favourite is the one that indicates that the drinker is merely a middle-man, the...

  • Forty Panelists And An Actress
    Forty Panelists And An Actress

    The high points were listening to writers like Nadeem Aslam, Amit Chaudhuri and Rana Dasgupta not only...

  • The Mane Event
    The Mane Event

    This 22-year-old impresario has crammed into his short adult life what most of us might never achieve.

  • Vox Pop
    Vox Pop

    'Doing the needful' is a particularly Indian phrase designed to indicate that the person being requested to...

  • Vox Pop
    Vox Pop

    It seems not very long ago that the word "solution" had a particular meaning. In the 1990s, it suddently took...

  • The Outsiders
    The Outsiders

    What is this, Bloomspuri? Anita Roy asks the non-Dilliwala writers who have made this city their own

  • Vox Pop
    Vox Pop

    Charge-sheeting, undertrials, goonda-tax: the papers are rife with this criminal lexicon. Nouns mug verbs,...

  • Vox Pop
    Vox Pop

    After 10 years, close observation and hard research, I have a pretty low opinion of Indian urban male...

  • Vox Pop
    Vox Pop

    The jargon of selling living space is an art in itself. A poky, hot, dark flat is transformed in print to...

  • Vox Pop
    Vox Pop

    If I see one more oil-smoothed, side-partinged, smug little totlet parroting Newton's Third Law of Motion, I...

  • Karmic Payback
    Karmic Payback

    A lyrical farewell to an extinct way of life, a lament for those — the rulers as much as the ruled—who...

  • A Bit Of Austen Auntie
    A Bit Of Austen Auntie

    The charm of this gentle satire of social mores is the sense it generates that these are her people, their...

  • ...The Word Reached The Fields
    ...The Word Reached The Fields

    A magazine that has enabled rural masses to keep in touch with the world turns eleven

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