May 11, 2021
Anita Pratap

Anita Pratap

  • From The Scrivener Of Tempests
    From The Scrivener Of Tempests

    Bullet-riddled, grief-mad, dying and dead: Anita Pratap has seen people in all possible calamities and lived...

  • ‘The Most Enduring Image Is The Radiant Malayali Smile’
    ‘The Most Enduring Image Is The Radiant Malayali Smile’

    Ex-Time AAP Ernakulam; Lost

  • Swinging Blue Genes
    Swinging Blue Genes

    Ten years back, our then columnist, now an AAP candidate from Ernakulam, had asked: if it had to be a...

  • War Zones
    War Zones

    Were the deadliest war zones safer for women journalists than are moving buses, isolated warehouses and the...

  • Just Straying
    Just Straying

    The research is interesting, but the writing is choppy in parts and needs smoother transitions

  • Culture Shock
    Culture Shock

    Presents only a slice of the Lankan Tamil reality, but it is an authentic voice. Matter-of-fact,...

  • India's Roots Politics
    India's Roots Politics

    Battered, bruised by the BJP, secularism is finding its feet and its voice again

  • Crisis = Opportunity
    Crisis = Opportunity

    Hemmed in by the Left and the Right, Manmohan stands at the crossroads

  • Inoculate India's Mind
    Inoculate India's Mind

    Our institutions need to be permanently immunised against political saffron

  • That Perfect Vacation
    That Perfect Vacation

    It's a global scrimmage. If the militia don't get you, malaria will....

  • TV And The Nonsensex
    TV And The Nonsensex

    Oh, the cacophony of hysterical 24/7 reporters, yuppie stockbrokers and callow FIIs!

  • Some High Road Chinks
    Some High Road Chinks

    Vajpayee had a sense of history. But on rajdharma, he faltered when it mattered.

  • Rollercoaster In Hell
    Rollercoaster In Hell

    Electioneering is no fun, fending off sabotaging rivals and disappointed allies

  • Rent-An-Imam Policy
    Rent-An-Imam Policy

    Is the BJP so naive as to assume that its current wordsmithery will woo the Muslims?

  • Swinging Blue Genes
    Swinging Blue Genes

    If it had to be a Nehru-Gandhi, why Rahul and not Priyanka? She was the better bet.

  • The Great Cricket Urs
    The Great Cricket Urs

    Indians and Pakistanis do things in extreme. So also with the cricket bonhomie.

  • Circus Sans Clowns
    Circus Sans Clowns

    This will be a non-election because it has no cathartic value, no demons to bury

  • One Mochi In Kochi
    One Mochi In Kochi

    Migratory labour, the low-cost engine that drives India, is forever on the fringes

  • Thesis And Anti-Thesis
    Thesis And Anti-Thesis

    A vigilant civil society can keep strife at bay even if the wisdom of power fails the BJP

  • Page 3's Gutter Width
    Page 3's Gutter Width

    For the wannabes, New Year's eve is the time to flaunt their Armanis and Guccis

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