June 21, 2021

Anil Thakraney

  • London Diary
    London Diary

    It is difficult to ignore the milling crowd outside Dishoom, the hot and happening Indian restaurant at the...

  • Amritsar Diary
    Amritsar Diary

    My first visit to the Golden Temple and I am both awed and appalled.

  • All the World’s A Saifai
    All the World’s A Saifai

    From Big B down, all our celebs are punch-drunk on servility

  • Requiem For The Reaper
    Requiem For The Reaper

    Goes beyond cancer. It's useful for people who have experienced sudden loss

  • His Stumps Uprooted
    His Stumps Uprooted

    The marriage of cricket and marketing comes to a (full) head

  • Orwell Is Watching
    Orwell Is Watching

    KBC enacts the winning formula of Slumdog to grab eyeballs

  • Duck Mr Bose, Duck!
    Duck Mr Bose, Duck!

    When Bollywood genuflects to the suits, it begins to smell a bit

  • A Gordian Nought
    A Gordian Nought

  • Quite Essexual
    Quite Essexual

  • Oh, What A Joy Ride!
    Oh, What A Joy Ride!

    Get ready to say hello to the real India. Live. And discover if it's happy. Or sad. Or simply hopping mad.

  • Moving To Gorakhpur With All Guns Blazing
    Moving To Gorakhpur With All Guns Blazing

    The future is here and the zippies are nowhere. A Republic Day speech to get them crying.

  • Let's Talk To Us
    Let's Talk To Us

    I, too, am for talks, but NOT with Pakistan. I think we should spend that energy talking to our people in...

  • Don't Stoop To Our Male Level
    Don't Stoop To Our Male Level

    Why drop the bar? It's time to take off the heavy-duty FCP boxing gloves -- an open response to Ms. Namrata...

  • It's Raining Men
    It's Raining Men

    In their misplaced enthusiasm, many urban women have crossed the line and have turned into men themselves...

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