June 15, 2021

Anil Dharker

  • Dirigent, Hold The Tempo
    Dirigent, Hold The Tempo

    A bow to Zubin Mehta, his unflagging energy and his devotion to his art

  • Varanasi Diary
    Varanasi Diary

    Mark Twain says, “Banaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks...

  • Liberation On A Twenty-Two Yard Patch
    Liberation On A Twenty-Two Yard Patch

    Amid the Taliban’s ruinous hold, a new opium, cricket, offers hope to Afghans

  • The Stunguns, In Silhouette
    The Stunguns, In Silhouette

    An extremely readable attempt to capture the spirit and evolution of our Hindi films through essays on its...

  • An Aarti From Time, A Brookings Chalisa
    An Aarti From Time, A Brookings Chalisa

    Are they drowned in Modi’s magnetism? Is this worship exigency?

  • The Topiwala Camera
    The Topiwala Camera

    In covering Anna, TV seems to have shed its critical faculties

  • Sharp Longing
    Sharp Longing

    Dhondy's style—sharp, funny, irreverent—is just right for a fraught subject like adultery

  • Mumbai Diary
    Mumbai Diary

    In the monsoon, that old journalistic idiom--dog bites man is not news, man bites dog is news--changes to man...

  • Paris Diary
    Paris Diary

    Saravana Bhavan in Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis was different: it served dosas, idlis and uthappam, but with...

  • Grade? Give An ‘F’, But...
    Grade? Give An ‘F’, But...

    It’s primped up in the fluffy rouge of PR, but Indian news media is actually at its ruddiest

  • Bombay Diary
    Bombay Diary

    This is the season for marriages, which means time for men to dress badly again. You see these double...

  • Punched Out Rhymes
    Punched Out Rhymes

  • Hanging In The Air
    Hanging In The Air

  • Dimples On Helmets
    Dimples On Helmets

  • Swahili 777
    Swahili 777

  • Comfortably Numbai
    Comfortably Numbai

  • Outfits Of Terror Have No Religion
    Outfits Of Terror Have No Religion

    We thank the political leadership of both countries for using sombre and sensitive language at such a time...

  • E-Travelling

  • A Quitter For Principle
    A Quitter For Principle

    What could have been an entertainer is, instead, a high-minded book about someone who gave a lot of his life...

  • Dublin, Treblin
    Dublin, Treblin

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