June 23, 2021

Ananya Vajpeyi

  • T.M. Krishna: Music In The ­Plural | By Ananya Vajpeyi
    T.M. Krishna: Music In The ­Plural | By Ananya Vajpeyi

    T.M. Krishna uses music to show democracy is the sound of many voices rising up to the sky

  • Interpreting Rama's Divinity
    Interpreting Rama's Divinity

    The hero Rama was neither just a man, nor just a god—he was inseparably both.

  • 'Protect Freedom Of Expression'
    'Protect Freedom Of Expression'

    'Petitioning Members of both houses of the Indian Parliament to reconsider and revise Sections 153 (A) and...

  • The Elephant In The Room
    The Elephant In The Room

    A complete intellectual history of modern South Asia is yet to be written, one that accords a rightful place...

  • Azadi: Theirs And Ours
    Azadi: Theirs And Ours

    By the logic of the Indian state, India is free and Kashmir is a part of India, ergo, Kashmir too, must be...

  • 'Welcome To The World Stupid Forum'
    'Welcome To The World Stupid Forum'

    As Yasin Malik joked, was the Karachi World Social Forum (March 24-29, 2006) too populated by...

  • Wise King, Foolish Subjects
    Wise King, Foolish Subjects

    Shivaji has always been seen as an extraordinarily clever, intelligent and wise ruler. Why are the most...

  • No 'If' Or 'But'...
    No 'If' Or 'But'...

    ...just keep your mouth shut: A lethal mix of censorship and identity politics wreaks havoc in Indian public...

  • Mistaken Identity
    Mistaken Identity

    Identity discourse makes it impossible to talk about positions, because we are too busy talking about the...

  • The Bare Life Of S.A.R. Geelani, Ph.D
    The Bare Life Of S.A.R. Geelani, Ph.D

    What we need to understand urgently is that if Geelani is grievously wounded (no matter who aimed the barrel...

  • Perilous Speech, Dangerous Silence
    Perilous Speech, Dangerous Silence

    Censorship would like to shut down not mouths, but minds. Censorship would like to contain not just the...

  • The Limits Of Tolerance
    The Limits Of Tolerance

    With the storming of BORI by hooligans, the monster of fascism no longer growls at the gate - it has crossed...

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