September 24, 2020

Amita Baviskar

  • Sweat Of Shiva’s Back
    Sweat Of Shiva’s Back

    A cuisine hearthed of necessity and ingenuity

  • Sifting Truth From Dross
    Sifting Truth From Dross

    A multi-focal reading of the complex world of scavengers

  • The Way They Were
    The Way They Were

    Childhood is an increasingly foreign patch of territory. This selection revisits a few with freshness and...

  • The Damned Brahmaputra
    The Damned Brahmaputra

    Hydrodollars-in-spate may choke off the artery to a whole region

  • Once There Was A River
    Once There Was A River

    And we'd like to think there always will be. Charting and rediscovering the perilous course of Delhi's...

  • Common Wealth Or White Elephant?
    Common Wealth Or White Elephant?

    An opportunity for urban renewal or a death wish? What do the Commonwealth Games spell for our city?

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