June 24, 2021

Amit Prakash

  • The Satellite Kingdom
    The Satellite Kingdom

    Priced out of Delhi's property market, a growing tribe is opting for the Great Suburban Experience

  • A Heartbeep Away
    A Heartbeep Away

    Telemedicine promises to revolutionise cardiac care in India

  • Bloom-time For Lotus?
    Bloom-time For Lotus?

    The North-side view: Delhi looks too distant for Rao

  • The Scare Spreads
    The Scare Spreads

    A NIMHANS study reveals the presence of CJD in India

  • Highly Inflammable
    Highly Inflammable

    A study dispels the myth that cotton is less prone to fire

  • Sparkling Trade
    Sparkling Trade

    Migrant Gujaratis take over the world's largest diamond bourse

  • The Bloodless Revolution
    The Bloodless Revolution

    A quiet band of yatris suggests an alternate development model built around the notion of bhakti

  • An Outsider Everywhere
    An Outsider Everywhere

    Taslima Nasreen is embittered in exile and and traumatised by the prospect of oblivion

  • Fixing An Epidemic
    Fixing An Epidemic

    In an unusual attempt to curb the spread of AIDS, drug addicts are doled out syringes and needles

  • At The Mercy Of The Gun
    At The Mercy Of The Gun

    Militants unleash a reign of terror, asking ministers and legislators to resign or face death

  • Suburban Terror
    Suburban Terror

    Spiralling crime breeds a fear psychosis in Delhi's Vasant Kunj

  • Forced Into Seclusion
    Forced Into Seclusion

    Dubuios dealings take their toll

  • Fitting The Pieces Together
    Fitting The Pieces Together

    It may be difficult for the CBI to convince the courts but the agency is still pushing ahead

  • An Honourable Judgement
    An Honourable Judgement

    A Supreme Court ruling aims to restore the sanctity of the nation's highest awards

  • Living It Up In Pakistan
    Living It Up In Pakistan

    Far from being a prohibition-stricken land of flowing burqas, city lights and the gay life beckon the rich...

  • Hope On The Horizon
    Hope On The Horizon

    The SC brings solace to those seeking redressal in medical cases

  • Lost Innocence
    Lost Innocence

    The demand for stricter laws intensifies, as it becomes clear that the sexual abuse of children is a...

  • Through The Raj Lens
    Through The Raj Lens

    Indian photography has yet to recover from the colonial obsession with the exotic Orient

  • "India Tried To Kill Me, Politically And Physically"

    IN an exclusive interview, expelled JKLF 'chairman' Amanullah Khan speaks on the Election Commission's...

  • Constituency For Peace
    Constituency For Peace

    An India-Pakistan people-to-people convention will discuss means to reduce tensions

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