June 16, 2021
Amir Mir

Amir Mir

  • Thy Song, Great Anarch
    Thy Song, Great Anarch

    A potato-and-egg song taking down Pak’s holy cows is a YouTube sensation. Elsewhere too, satire rules the...

  • Haqqani Reader
    Haqqani Reader

    The force that’s impeding America’s Afghan plans and aiding those of Pakistan

  • A Speakeasy Panorama
    A Speakeasy Panorama

    Bol exposes the religion-addled sores of Pakistani society. It’s also a call to action.

  • One Man’s Freedom
    One Man’s Freedom

    Unlike here, activist Ansar Burney’s work is closely read in Pakistan

  • The Pen, Knifed
    The Pen, Knifed

    An outspoken journalist is silenced in Pakistan. The ISI, the main suspect, protests in discomfiture.

  • Singed By The Sons
    Singed By The Sons

    The Mehran base attack still can’t jog a Pakistan in denial mode

  • The Sole Spokesman
    The Sole Spokesman

    Except JuD, other militant outfits have refrained from direct sympathy for Osama

  • The Sheikh’s Story To Tell
    The Sheikh’s Story To Tell

    What is Osama bin Laden’s legacy? And what does it hold for West Asia and the subcontinent?

  • Intel Inside
    Intel Inside

    Outlook builds the eye-popping narrative of how Pakistan was very much in on Osama’s outing. Why isn’t it...

  • Better Gorge On That Pilaf
    Better Gorge On That Pilaf

    In Pakistan, the rule is made to work with fines and jail terms

  • Lascars In Manama
    Lascars In Manama

    As Pakistanis police the Arab street, it must shun the sectarian whirlpool

  • Flight Plan
    Flight Plan

    On flat World Cup tracks, spinners have struck back

  • A Scratched Record
    A Scratched Record

    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s detention ignites Pakistan, reopens old wounds

  • It’s Swamiplay
    It’s Swamiplay

    Pakistan now spins Samjhauta as its 26/11

  • Godless Bullets
    Godless Bullets

    Salman Taseer’s killing reflects the fight over Pakistan’s soul

  • 'Bribe Allegations False'
    'Bribe Allegations False'

    It may sound strange to Indian ears, but Pakistan Olympic Association president defends India’s preparation...

  • Hell, High Water...And Now This
    Hell, High Water...And Now This

    The Pakistan cricket team was a last ray of hope for a marooned nation. The match-fixing scandal has snuffed...

  • After The Deluge...
    After The Deluge...

    The swell of militant groups engaged in flood relief has everyone jittery

  • Just Who Is Not A Kafir?
    Just Who Is Not A Kafir?

    The Islamic faultlines in the state widens with extremists attacking minority sects

  • Wretched Of The Land
    Wretched Of The Land

    The attack on their mosques exposes the raw wound that is Ahmadi existence here

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