June 22, 2021

Ajoy Bose

  • ‘Such A Timid Girl’
    ‘Such A Timid Girl’

  • The Mango Harvest
    The Mango Harvest

    Never before has a weaker Congress been hit by harsher opprobrium

  • My Enemy, Maya Enemy?
    My Enemy, Maya Enemy?

    Don’t count Mayawati out yet. Politics makes for strange bedfellows.

  • In Poster Colour
    In Poster Colour

    The book’s banality may have been deliberate, knowing how zealously the Congess guards the veil of enigma...

  • A Knife Handy
    A Knife Handy

    Provides some fascinating vignettes about life lived by the Delhi elite in the two decades before and after...

  • The Unhappy Medium
    The Unhappy Medium

    Jagjivan Ram’s high point: Opposing the Emergency

  • His Canon Spiked
    His Canon Spiked

    Kancha Ilaiah’s Homeric rage and his idea of a grand armada that would sink Hinduism holds little water

  • Master Of Floating
    Master Of Floating

    An unsatisfying book ignores the context, the contradictions and the persistence of Laloo Yadav

  • Battle Fatigues
    Battle Fatigues

  • Blind Madonna
    Blind Madonna

  • A Touch Of Realpolitik
    A Touch Of Realpolitik

    Sonia is the only politician today who understands the value of occupying opposition space.

  • Butter Babies
    Butter Babies

  • This Gandhi Too Is For Real
    This Gandhi Too Is For Real

    The metamorphosis of the introverted widow into a gesticulating soap box orator throws up a few signs. Sonia...

  • Fire That Blunderbuss
    Fire That Blunderbuss

    NOTHING can be more ludicrous than the sight of a head of diplomatic mission demanding a public assurance...

  • Upper Class Hypocrisy
    Upper Class Hypocrisy

    THE chattering classes appear to have discovered a new hate object.

  • The Great Colonial Charade
    The Great Colonial Charade

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