July 29, 2021

Ajit Kumar Singh

  • Desperate Measures
    Desperate Measures

    Evidently, the anxiety within the establishment in Islamabad has been pushed to a new level, and the series...

  • Terror At Our Doorstep
    Terror At Our Doorstep

    The attack at Wagah re-emphasises the deepening anarchy across Pakistan, with terrorists operating at will,...

  • Under Siege
    Under Siege

    While Pakistan "continues to be a safe haven for terrorists", further strengthening of the destabilizing...

  • Self-inflicted Wounds
    Self-inflicted Wounds

    The attack on the airport in Karachi is just another in a long chain of devastating terrorist strikes against...

  • Renewed Misadventures
    Renewed Misadventures

    Sharif's rhetoric on improving relations with India clearly fails to match up with developments on the ground.

  • Dangerous Gambit
    Dangerous Gambit

    The latest attack intended to target the Indian Consulate at Jalalabad brings the spotlight on New Delhi...

  • Dangerous Disruption 
    Dangerous Disruption 

    The challenge of managing violent mass protests comes back to haunt in Ramban as the BSF firing kills four

  • Rising Desperation
    Rising Desperation

    The US faith in Pakistan and a 'peaceful' Taliban is wishful thinking, and will only plunge Afghanistan,...

  • Misplaced Optimism
    Misplaced Optimism

    The ‘restoration’ of democracy has done little to impede Pakistan’s hurtling flight into chaos in the...

  • The Enemy Within
    The Enemy Within

    The complicity of some J&K policemen in militancy-related activities has now become an issue of major...

  • Massacre After Massacre
    Massacre After Massacre

    The August 16 attack in which 25 Shias from Gilgit-Baltistan region were killed is the third attempt in the...

  • Southern Forays
    Southern Forays

    Home ministry warns that Maoists are seeking to 'revive' activities deep in the South, in the states of...

  • An Area Of Enduring Darkness
    An Area Of Enduring Darkness

    Who cares for Gilgit and Baltistan, part of POK that has been turned by Pakistan, after substantially...

  • Targeting Hawala
    Targeting Hawala

    Comprehensive dismantling of the hawala networks in J&K could inflict a death blow on terrorism and...

  • Democracy And Its Discontents
    Democracy And Its Discontents

    Despite the tremendous achievements of the Panchayat Election 2011, and the many declarations of intent...

  • Politics In The Labyrinth
    Politics In The Labyrinth

    The very people who are loudest in their proclamations of the ‘political solution’ in J&K are often the...

  • A Crisis Of Competence
    A Crisis Of Competence

    It is a crisis, not of politics or of economics. The widespread impression that the present disturbances...

  • The Silent War
    The Silent War

    There is a clear perception that Drone attacks are helping the militants win sympathy. But despite public...

  • Out In The Open
    Out In The Open

    Islamabad continues to support and protect LeT and Hafiz Saeed, confirming that no fresh order has been...

  • The MOUist Corridor
    The MOUist Corridor

    The unending death-count of civilians and security personnel apart, the Maoist violence is also inflicting an...

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