August 01, 2021
Ajai Sahni

Ajai Sahni

  • Hope’s Yoke
    Hope’s Yoke

    Progress is being made in J&K, but don’t expect miracles

  • The Hatred Comes Home
    The Hatred Comes Home

    The attack in Peshawar is an index and manifestation of the wider radicalisation and brutalisation of large...

  • Mindless Adventurism
    Mindless Adventurism

    It remains unclear what strategic purpose the apparently massive use of firepower has served, or what...

  • Storms In Media Teacups
    Storms In Media Teacups

    Eminent Indian experts were particularly agitated by the fact that the Zawahiri's declaration specifically...

  • The Burden Of Expectations
    The Burden Of Expectations

    The Modi government has hit the ground running and provided significant indicators of its approach to the...

  • Ever Unready
    Ever Unready

    Despite recent claims of arrests of terrorists, India's internal security apparatus continues to suffer...

  • Programmed To Fail
    Programmed To Fail

    The country has been fortunate that the attention of its adversaries has, for some time, been turned...

  • Culpable Neglect
    Culpable Neglect

    Rarely has precedent intelligence been as specific as it was in the case of the threat to Bodh Gaya.

  • An Idiot's Argument
    An Idiot's Argument

    ' After 9/11, the US created its NCTC and, since, had no further terrorist attacks on its soil; ergo, we must...

  •   The Wages Of Self-Deception
    The Wages Of Self-Deception

    This was a disaster waiting to happen. Deliberate and sustained falsification of realities led to the...

  • From Boston To Bangalore
    From Boston To Bangalore

    The real lesson of the Boston and Bangalore attacks is manifest in the contrasting patterns of responses in...

  • Ambivalence, Opportunism, Deceit
    Ambivalence, Opportunism, Deceit

    India's present diplomacy, based principally on domestic politics, and relations with the US, will wholly...

  • An Enveloping Blindness
    An Enveloping Blindness

    India’s capacity for self-deception is extreme, and this constitutes the gravest threat to national...

  • The Hostage State
    The Hostage State

    It is not the Maoists that hold India hostage today, but the enduring venality, the incompetence and the...

  • Disgrace

    It was not the merit or any principle, but domestic political compulsions that forced India to cast its vote...

  • Enduring Strengths
    Enduring Strengths

    The initiative remains firmly in the hands of the Maoists, and that state leaderships are still to find the...

  • Good And Bad News From The Northeast
    Good And Bad News From The Northeast

    While the insurgency related deaths fell from a peak of 1,051 in 2008 to a total of 247 in 2011 in the...

  • Fragile State
    Fragile State

    The reality of the abduction of the Italians is that it is little more than an incident of opportunity—...

  • National Confusion On Terror By Centre
    National Confusion On Terror By Centre

    Enduring institutions cannot be created through sleight of hand and subterfuge, or by exploiting lawyers’...

  • An Addiction To Murder
    An Addiction To Murder

    Does the military and political leadership have the capacity to learn any lessons from the enduring disaster...

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