July 26, 2021

Ahmed Rashid

  • The End Game
    The End Game

    Even as an intensive US and NATO military offensive against the Taliban is underway in southern Afghanistan,...

  • The Enemy Within
    The Enemy Within

    The success of the Waziristan offensive, against the backdrop of a serious civil-military division in...

  • A Dangerous Void
    A Dangerous Void

    The crisis in Pakistan leaves the US with few policy options. Large injections of cash are no alternative to...

  • 'The Hazards Of Living In A Make-Believe Environment'
    'The Hazards Of Living In A Make-Believe Environment'

    'Nobody can forget the cost paid by the country for unity behind Yahya Khan in his war on fellow Pakistanis,...

  • Pakistan On The Brink
    Pakistan On The Brink

    Pakistan is at the center of a gathering fire storm engulfing south and central Asia in the most volatile...

  • Pakistan On Edge
    Pakistan On Edge

    While enormous public anger and mistrust swells in nuclear-armed Pakistan, Musharraf, long supported by the...

  • Emergency Not Just For Pakistan
    Emergency Not Just For Pakistan

    Without greater international pressure to restore normalcy, Pakistan's growing instability is likely to...

  • Just Justice
    Just Justice

    Yes, that's Pakistan's only anniversary wish. There cannot be a sustainable fight against extremists who...

  • A Taliban Comeback?
    A Taliban Comeback?

    As unprecedented Taliban violence sweeps across southern Afghanistan, endangering US-Pak alliance, triggering...

  • Takes Two To Tango
    Takes Two To Tango

    Afghanistan's political system will not succeed without steady and substantial assistance from the...

  • Great Game Reloaded
    Great Game Reloaded

    As Russia and China attempt to reclaim the dominant role in Central Asia that they ceded to the US in the...

  • The Poll Ploy
    The Poll Ploy

    So George W. Bush wants elections in Afghansitan in September? Or does he actually just want to use the image...

  • Collateral Damage
    Collateral Damage

    Despite President Bush's clarion call for democratizing the Islamic world, military rulers can have a free...

  • Who's Winning The War On Terror?
    Who's Winning The War On Terror?

    Two years after Sept. 11, the Taliban is thriving along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Like Osama bin...

  • Taliban In Pakistan
    Taliban In Pakistan

    Left unchecked, the rise of the MMA - the latter-day Taliban - in a nuclear-armed Pakistan, which has been...

  • Ground Zeroes
    Ground Zeroes

    The war against terror has only strengthened the despots in the region, fanning more disaffection

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