May 07, 2021

Advaita Kala

  • Made Of Tendentious Tripe
    Made Of Tendentious Tripe

    Protest is democratic, and opinion free…but what does this global coalition of celeb voices have to do with...

  • The Feminine In The Sangh
    The Feminine In The Sangh

    RSS women face the same negation in discourse that all women meet at workplaces

  • Being Mrs Sinha
    Being Mrs Sinha

    An unfair ‘by association’ barb and its implications

  • Red Earth Tales
    Red Earth Tales

    A voluble Kanhaiya and the silent Kerala murders

  • We Asked Them For Stories
    We Asked Them For Stories

    You will, woncha? By mid-October? While the goddess is straw still?.... Oh, but to count the bellows of the...

  • The Path Of The Rikishi
    The Path Of The Rikishi

    She’s an oddity. Her craft, a mystery. What is it about her that feels ‘real’ somehow?

  • Let’s Talk The Walk
    Let’s Talk The Walk

    Choice, exhibitionism, has become open to all this, but is it a conversation point?

  • Housebroken For Hestia
    Housebroken For Hestia

    A silent revolution. Men braving emasculation to tend to the hearth.

  • Adam, Eve Aur Woh
    Adam, Eve Aur Woh

    A dose of infidelity as medicine for a weakening marriage? Pass the wine.

  • Doc, Please Talk To My Dad
    Doc, Please Talk To My Dad

    Breaking the sex ed taboo is raising awareness in kids—and parents

  • Hotel Room Propositions
    Hotel Room Propositions

    The hospitality industry may lend itself to innuendo, but rises above it

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