June 23, 2021
Aditya Nigam

Aditya Nigam

  • Yonder, The Dark Star
    Yonder, The Dark Star

    The CPI(M) should have emulated some social movements in India. A know-it-all attitude undid the party.

  • Democracy, That Untamed Excess
    Democracy, That Untamed Excess

    New languages of politics will help free the system from the grip of corporate power

  • Political Science Lessons
    Political Science Lessons

    The delusional business of waxing on the strength of institutions seems to be a professional pastime for...

  • Fascism, Indian Edition
    Fascism, Indian Edition

    Is it gullibility or complicity of our pro-establishment intellectuals to pass off the violent core of...

  • Manufacturing A Moderate Modi
    Manufacturing A Moderate Modi

    Modi, Modi and Modi is all you see and all you hear – except when the channels decide to do a story on...

  • A Space Of New Possibilities
    A Space Of New Possibilities

    In defence of the ‘post-Ideological’ Aam Aadmi – yet again!

  • Xenophobia, Racism And Vigilantism
    Xenophobia, Racism And Vigilantism

    The bizarre drama yesterday, involving one of the Aam Aadmi Party ministers, Somnath Bharti, should make the...

  • No Time For Parties
    No Time For Parties

    If ideology-warriors had their way, they would rather have Narendra Modi as the next prime minister than have...

  • Tilism-e-Hoshruba

    Dreamworld of the ‘Consumer’: Today, consumption is the activity that determines us; it defines what we...

  • A Government In Hiding
    A Government In Hiding

    Who were the people who suddenly materialized and took over the anti-rape protest in exactly the way that the...

  • 'We Condemn The Attempt Of Bodies Like Deoband To Encroach On Our Academic Space
    'We Condemn The Attempt Of Bodies Like Deoband To Encroach On Our Academic Space

    'It is a matter of deep distress that a threat from Darul Uloom Deoband has forced Prabha Parmar , a research...

  • Dissolve The People?
    Dissolve The People?

    If only there were no people, democracy would be fine…So urgent is the need to attack the inconvenient and...

  • A Consensus, Comrades?
    A Consensus, Comrades?

    A history constrained by the blind spots of Left ideology and its long-dead prophets

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