July 31, 2021

Vinod Mehta

Former Editor-In-Chief,Outlook group of publications

  • The Centre Spread Unevenly
    The Centre Spread Unevenly

    In this excerpt from Lucknow Boy, our former editor recounts how he came to edit Debonair and his juiciest...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    No one has asked the question why the women in the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty make such disastrous marital choices

  • The Congress Conundrum
    The Congress Conundrum

    Is there life for the Congress beyond its first family? Can the party avoid splitting into various factions...

  • Which Way Will He Turn?
    Which Way Will He Turn?

    Even the prime minister’s more dogged critics would need to admit that he possesses a rare gift: the...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    I am glad the prime minister has taken my advice! Now, before I am stoned to death, let me read that again...

  • Easy Targets
    Easy Targets

    It is open season on Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. No opportunity is lost to demonise and denigrate...

  • Notes On Cellophobia
    Notes On Cellophobia

    The troubled tale of my many frustrations with what everyone loves

  • The Myth Of Media Hostility
    The Myth Of Media Hostility

    How has the ‘most vilified politician in independent India’ gained so much currency, since it is...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    Am I the only one who is a bit nauseated by the constant demand from the American side: “What can you do...

  • Unrequited Love?
    Unrequited Love?

    Indians love the people of the US, but is the reverse also true?

  • What's Wrong With Polarisation?
    What's Wrong With Polarisation?

    The PM was a polarising figure before the elections, he was a polarising figure during the elections, and he...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    Sipping single malt on live TV resulted in @DrunkVinodMehta on Twitter...

  • A Curate's Egg
    A Curate's Egg

    Mr Modi's 100 days contain much that is positive and commendable. And yet the phrase 'control freak' is...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    Because leftists have allegedly distorted how we interpret the past, it does not mean the PM should give...

  • The Reader's Right
    The Reader's Right

    Who looks after the reader's interest? Media people day in and day out affirm their commitment to the reader,...

  • The Courtier Turned Critic
    The Courtier Turned Critic

    Natwar Singh mostly is an honourable man but he protests too much. I am delighted he has written the first...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    Justice Katju, who is posing many questions, needs to answer a few himself. Why did he wait nine years before...

  • Time To Play Fast And Loos
    Time To Play Fast And Loos

    The PM had promised 'toilets first, temples later'. He will earn the gratitude of pseudo-secularists like me...

  • Delhi Diary
    Delhi Diary

    I don’t know about you, but travelling on a bullet train at 320 km per hour is not my top priority...

  • Who Needs The Media?
    Who Needs The Media?

    The PM seems to have got the media’s number. His policy of not taking a media party for a foreign visit is...

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