July 28, 2021

Bindu Menon

  • Innocents In City Primeval
    Innocents In City Primeval

    Lives in the new Malayali diaspora intersect in a Delhi wracked by change and tragedy

  • Hypatia’s Code Of Fractions
    Hypatia’s Code Of Fractions

    From 5th century Alexandria to contemporary Kochi, this thrilling tale is a spatio-temporal jukebox

  • Misfits Before Mosul
    Misfits Before Mosul

    Three damaged youths are seduced by a jehadi future, and reflect upon a cold desert

  • Swallowing Hurts
    Swallowing Hurts

    A promising life, cut short, is lived in spirit and connects narratives of other womanhoods

  • Divisions Made Nazms
    Divisions Made Nazms

    A masterful minimalist with measured tones, Shahryar fused traditional and modern idioms

  • Tales A Na-Phing Can Tell
    Tales A Na-Phing Can Tell

    A culture saturated with patriarchy, identities strapped in curfews and ceasefires—a Northeast anthology on...

  • Not Mei Lin’s Republic
    Not Mei Lin’s Republic

    A sweeping novel reaches back to an early Chinese worker in Assam, and tells the story of his hapless...

  • In This Life Of Raging On
    In This Life Of Raging On

    Souls desperate for home, love, deliverance and justice jostle with their stories in a stew, as a sleepless,...

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