Humza Lokhandwala’s Inspiration Recipe

Humza Lokhandwala, an online marketer keeps up with life with positive affirmations and motivational stories to never stop.

You may have everything but if you don’t have motivation then you are losing the game. Even a well detailed plan is of no use, if there is no motivation to carry out that plan. We all need reinforcements to carry forward our life and reach our goals. We all need to be pumped up a little to not lose hope. Things can get out of hand when you are encountering so many troubles. It feels like the end of the world. Well, that’s exactly it. It “feels” like it but it really is not. All you need to do is get up from the fall and straighten up to move ahead. Now the most difficult part in this process is actually getting up. This is the exact phase where you need immense motivation to not lose hope and give up. Humza Lokhandwala, an online marketer keeps up with life with positive affirmations and motivational stories to never stop.

Humza Lokhandwala has been in a loop where all he saw was bad times. Such phases can be very suppressing and make a person feel helpless and hopeless in life. However, it’s always on us how much we want such hardships to affect us. We can totally decide the intensity of suffering we want to face because we are suffering in our imagination rather than in our reality.

He tries to motivate himself by looking up to people who have had their own battles but did not give up. He got inspired by his own mentors who made an impact on his life such as Jason Capital, Alex Hormozi and David deida. Sometimes he considered his own clients to be inspirational such as Jordan Belfort, Joel Brown, Yahya Bakkar, Elizabeth Anne Walker, Yan Stavisski and Nicole Gibson


He also started following various positive self-affirmation and chanted whenever he felt low. He pumped himself by repeating those virtues to get back stronger. Some affirmations that he used were as follows –

1.    “Process over proceeds, direction over destination & compete with potential” – Jason Capital

2.    “FEAR: Forget everything and run or Face everything and rise” - Yahya Bakkar

3.    “Every moment of your life is either a test or a celebration” - David Dieda

4.    “You are the hero you have been waiting for” - Dr Espen

5.    “Stop hoping for a completion of anything in Life” - David Deida

6.    “If you can’t fix it, feature it” - Elliot Hulse

7.    “The infinite Game: there is no winning or losing just ahead or behind; the only competitor you have is yourself. Purpose of the game is keep it going” - Simon Sinek

8.    “Yesterday you said tomorrow” - Joel Brown

9.    “I’m gonna believe it first so that I can will it into existence.”

10.    “People do best with what they know; if they only knew better they would do better”

Such quotes and affirmations helped him to come out of the dark hole. These lines helped him to find the inner peace and bring that spark back into action. Humza Lokhandwala now himself is an inspiration to many folks out there. Understanding through other’s bad stories, makes one feel less alone in the dark. The transformation journey set by Humza Lokhandwala was phenomenal and we wish him all the luck to move ahead with the same energy.

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