Best Delta 8 Gummies - Top 5 THC Edibles Of 2023

Elevate produces high-quality products such as delta 8 gummies and much more. Their products are proven to have a wide range of health benefits and healing properties. Their delta 8 THC products provide regulated sleep, mood boost, instant pain relief, better energy levels, and many more benefits.

Today's high-paced work environment and busy schedules barely allow us to take time out for ourselves. In this case, most people suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. According to a solid study by The Recovery Village, around 33% of people have reported having extreme stress levels.

Do not worry a bit if you also suffer from the abovementioned problems. The solution to all these problems is delta-8 THC gummies.

Pub Med revealed that 16.7 of the US population uses delta 8 products. Delta 8 gummies are hemp-derived, also known as psychoactive cannabinoid products. These items are known for their healing and relaxation properties. With these delta 8 gummies, you can relax after an eventful day and unwind your body to prepare for the upcoming day. However, there are numerous delta 8 gummy brands available in the market. Which one to choose?

Relax, as we have got you covered. In this article, we have listed the 5 best delta 8 gummies out of the sea of options available in the market. Read till the end to learn more about these fascinating products, and decide on your favorite one. So let's get started!

Best Delta 8 Gummies of 2023

●    Elevate - Overall Best Delta-8 Gummies, Editor's Pick
●    Diamond CBD - Top Rated THC Gummies with Delicious Flavors
●    Binoid CBD - Premium Delta 8 gummies With High Potency
●    Exhale Wellness - Reputed Brand For Delta 8 Edibles
●    Budpop - Emerging Delta 8 Gummies With Outstanding Flavor Options

Elevate - Overall Best Delta 8 THC Gummies, Editor's Pick


Elevate was founded by a group of like-minded individuals with around 11 years of experience in the cannabis market. They were amazed by the health benefits and healing powers of delta 8 products. Hence, they set out to create the most effective and safest delta 8 products, including delta 8 gummies.

Elevate produces high-quality products such as delta 8 gummies and much more. Their products are proven to have a wide range of health benefits and healing properties. Their delta 8 THC products provide regulated sleep, mood boost, instant pain relief, better energy levels, and many more benefits.

The company uses 100% natural and organic ingredients in producing their delta 8 THC products. They source their hemp from authentic farms in the United States of America. All the ingredients in their products are free from pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, GMOs, and other harmful contaminants. The ingredients used are sourced from credible suppliers in the USA.

The company manufactures gummies having watermelon flavors that are currently their bestselling product variant. Because of entirely natural flavors and ingredients, Elevate Right has successfully produced high-quality and potent vegan gummies that are suitable and effective for users. Elevate Right's delta 8 gummies are made of full-spectrum CBD that comprises the best components that guarantee effective results.

All their products are independently lab-tested to ensure optimum quality. Reports of these tests are publicly available to view on their official website. The company also complies with the Farm Bill (2018), which states that all CBD and delta 8 THC products should not contain more than 0.3% delta 9 THC. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed through their range of outstanding delta 8 products.


Elevate is a customer's brand. This is proven by the extent they go to provide their customers with the best service. The company has devised policies that best suit consumers' interests. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product you have received, you can easily claim a 100% refund. The company also has an easy return policy, which allows you to shop with a relaxed mindset.

Elevate's website is very user-friendly and optimized. It allows users to navigate quickly and know all the necessary information about a product. You can even sign up for their newsletter and receive occasional updates regarding exclusive discounts and orders. As a new customer, you also get a 20% discount on your first order at Elevate Right.


●    100% natural and organic
●    Variety of potency levels
●    Naturally sourced and extracted hemp
●    Watermelon flavored gummies
●    Thoroughly lab-tested products
●    Full spectrum CBD
●    100% refund policy
●    User-friendly website


●    Offers only watermelon flavor
●    Products only available on the brand's website

Customer Experience

By providing the highest quality delta 8 gummies, Elevate has won the trust of its customers. Users frequently praise the customer service team's efforts that are always available to address their issues.

Additionally, the website offers complete product information, and placing an order through it is a straightforward task. Customers also love the fast shipping the company provides, with all the orders being received in outstanding condition. Lastly, customers also say that Elevate products have resulted in the betterment of their mood and getting rid of their chronic pains.


#2. Diamond CBD - Top Rated THC Gummies with Delicious Flavors

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD has been operating in the delta 8 THC market since 2015. The brand has positioned itself to be different from all those existing brands. The company produces unique delta 8 THC gummies with a special CBD mixture, which gives their products an extra edge. With such innovative products, Diamond CBD has ensured that its products do not contain any harmful chemicals that derive adverse effects.

Diamond CBD gummies are perfect after a tough day at work when you need to relax and let go of all your worries. Their products are just the perfect ones that deliver these solutions. The company manages an eco-friendly and reliable manufacturing process that considers the environment's sustainability. All of their products are safe to use because of the clean production methods.

The company sources its hemp from authentic and reliable farms in the United States of America. Farming practices using natural and organic methods. No herbicides, pesticides, or heavy metals are used when farming hemp plants. Once the plants are harvested, they undergo a very safe CO2 extraction method, which is then used to manufacture delta 8 gummies.

The company maintains the optimum potency level in its products to provide the best results to customers. Diamond CBD allows independent lab testing on its products to ensure the quality of its products. The reports for these tests are available for anyone to view through their website. This further testifies to the transparency of the company.


Diamond CBD manufactures a wide range of delta 8 gummy flavors, including Mango, Watermelon, Sunshine Mix, Blueberry, and Island Mix. All these flavors are made using natural elements with no added artificial flavors. You can always try different options if you get bored with a particular flavor.

Diamond CBD takes immense care of its customers by providing them with the best policies. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their products if, in any case, you do not get what you were supposed to get. Even if you are unsatisfied with their products, you can claim a return and refund. All the policies are mentioned on Diamond CBD's official website. However, you need to be situated in the United States of America for their policies to take effect.

The company currently offers 55% off on selected items and 35% on all items. You also get free shipping on orders above $100. Diamond CBD has a fast delivery system that ships goods to the customer's doorstep within 2 working days. All of these factors make Diamond CBD earn a favorable brand reputation.


●    GMO-free and natural products
●    Eco-friendly and vegan-friendly products
●    Independently lab-tested products
●    Organically grown with no synthetics
●    40% off on their premium subscription
●    35% off on all items
●    30-day-money-back guarantee
●    Free shipping on orders above $100


●    Relatively expensive than other brands
●    Products only available on the brand's website

Customer Experience

Customers identify the outstanding flavors brought by Diamond CBD through its delta 8 gummies. Their products have proven to deliver on the claims the company has made. Customers say that Diamond CBD gummies allow them to relax after a tough day. Also, it cures their pains and provides them with a mood boost.


Specific customers do argue about the strange aftertaste of their products. Similarly, their products lie in the premium price range, which has raised some eyebrows from customers. Diamond CBD is praised for its user-friendly policies and rapid fast shipping options.

#3. Binoid CBD - Premium Delta 8 gummies With High Potency

. Binoid CBD

Binoid CBD was launched in 2018 by a group of hemp enthusiasts. Their priority was to manufacture highly effective and unique hemp-derived products for consumers. The team believes that hemp and delta 8 products should be a vital part of one's life to live a healthy lifestyle. Everyone working at Binoid CBD is dedicated to providing the optimum level of products that offer the best quality without compromise.

Binoid CBD is currently one of the market leaders in the delta 8 market. The company makes use of the highest quality ingredients derived from natural sources. Binoid CBD ensures customers get the best satisfaction from their products at a reasonable price. Binoid CBD is known for manufacturing the most potent delta 8 gummies that have long-lasting effects on users.

Unlike delta 8 gummies, Binoid CBD deals in various delta 8 products such as carts, flowers, capsules, etc. Binoid CBD sources its hemp from authentic sources in the USA. These farms are known to grow the finest quality hemp. Hemp plants are exported all around the globe from farms in America and Canada.

After the hemp harvest is done, the CO2 extraction method is used to extract the oils from the plants. Oils are later infused with gummies and various other CBD products, resulting in delta 8 gummies.


Binoid CBD conducts third-party lab tests on its products to ensure the best quality. These tests prove that the company cares about its customers and only sells products with no harmful effects. Results for these third-party tests are available on the official brand website of Binoid CBD.

The company sells delta 8 THC gummy strains made of natural substances. Their gummies are extra soft and a delightful snack when you want to unwind and relax.

Binoid CBD produces vegan-friendly products that are animal-cruelty free. All their gummies are available at a dose of 25mg per gummy. Binoid CBD makes sure that no harmful additives are included alongside its products. Hence, they stay away from low-end delta 8 THC and only contain high-end ingredients to make their products high-quality.

The most popular delta 8 gummy flavors brought to you by Binoid CBD are Green Apple, Strawberry Gelato, and Peach. Binoid CBD's delta 8 THC gummies are available at a reasonable price of $34.99 per 500 mg. You can order through online retailers at their website. Orders are shipped in discreet packaging; do not worry about the delivery fee since it is free.


●    Potent vegan gummies
●    Long-lasting effects
●    Various flavors available
●    Natural gummy foundation
●    No adverse effects
●    Free shipping across America
●    Discreet packaging available
●    Available at a reasonable price


●    The packaging is not of ideal quality
●    Products are only available on the brand's website

Customer Experience

Binoid CBD is among those reputable brands that always care for their customers. The brand's reputation speaks for itself. Customers across America are very fond of Binoid CBD's effects on their health. It provides them with a mood boost and allows them to get instant pain relief.

Secondly, the customer service team of Binoid CBD educates users by directing them to their blog, which contains valuable information regarding the company and how the products benefit their health.

#4. Exhale Wellness - Reputed Brand For Delta 8 Edibles

Exhale Wellness is the next brand on our list of delta 8 gummies. The company is a collection of cannabis pioneers based in Los Angeles with decades of experience in the cannabis industry. The company's founders knew there was a severe lack of healthy delta 8 products. Hence, they decided to launch their brand of vegan and organic delta 8 THC products.

The company produces the best delta 8 gummies with potent effects. The company uses hemp-derived cannabinoid products to elevate the health benefits provided through its delta 8 gummies. Exhale Wellness offers multiple flavors that suit all customers' tastes and preferences. The best part about them is that they take extra care and attention to sell their customers only the highest quality products.

Exhale Wellness sources its hemp from the authentic farms of Colorado in the United States of America. The hemp is extracted using the exact CO2 extraction process. Due to all-natural ingredients, the delta 8 THC gummies brought to you by Exhale Wellness offer high potency. However, gummies should not be overconsumed since they can produce psychoactive effects.

Exhale Wellness products are made using organic methods and are completely animal-friendly. This makes vegan gummies suitable for vegans as well. Apart from that, delta 8 gummies are gluten-free and GMO-free. All Exhale Wellness products are independently lab-tested with the reports displayed on their official website.
The product derives many calming benefits for the users, such as relaxing sleep, remaining calm under intense situations, and managing chronic pain. With such fantastic product features, the company's customer service is also on another level. They exercise an easy 30-day refund policy which allows you to get back your entire amount without any questions if you are unsatisfied with the product quality.

There are currently 6,740 honest customer reviews on popular sites like TrustPilot. Secondly, Exhale Wellness offers 15% off for all new customers on their first order. Exhale Wellness has a user-friendly website that allows customers to easily place orders and get all the relevant information they might need. They even have a live chat feature through which customers can ask queries to the customer care department 24/7.


●    One of the Reputable brands selling THC edibles
●    Hemp sourced from Colorado
●    Vegan-friendly products
●    Long-lasting effects
●    30-day money-back guarantee
●    It provides good sleep and relaxation
●    Easy return policy
●    Rapid fast shipping
●    Third-party lab tested


●    Overconsumption can lead to psychoactive effects
●    Products are only available on the brand's website

Customer Experience

Exhale Wellness probably has the highest number of third-party customer reviews. Most of their reviews are favorable ones that praise the high-quality products they receive from the company. Customers love the instant calming effects they get from the products. The customer service team is also above par as they provide immediate answers to all customer questions and queries. Rapid fast deliveries and very welcoming staff are also a few things to complement their customer support.

#5. Budpop - Emerging Delta 8 Gummies With Outstanding Flavor Options

Last but not least on our list is BudPop delta 8 gummies. It would have been impossible to conclude this list without BudPop. The brand has a rather exciting and inspiring story. The fact that it has only been 2 years since BudPop entered the delta 8 market is quite fascinating since it is currently one of the top contenders for CBD and delta 8 products. A group of hemp enthusiasts and medicinal experts launched BudPop.

The founders were utterly disappointed by the quality of the products available. Hence, they decided to launch a delta 8 brand that would offer the best products to customers while also being completely transparent. The brand was established in 2021 and had a fanbase of loyal customers.

The company sources its hemp from reliable and authentic farms in Nevada. Hemp is grown using organic and natural techniques there. No use of herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals is done to boost the growth of hemp plants artificially. After harvesting, hemp oil is extracted using the reliable CO2 extraction method. This results in the pure attainment of delta 8 CBD oil, which is later used in the manufacturing process of gummies.

Furthermore, BudPop does not use artificial flavors and colors to manufacture its products. All of their products are gluten-free and vegan gummies. BudPop is a trustworthy brand that puts customer satisfaction at the very top. They produce some of the best THC edibles in the United States of America.

The company offers a diverse range of flavors, including its famous strawberry gelato, blue dream berry flavor, and other flavors. All of these flavors are manufactured using natural processes and ingredients. BudPop delta 8 THC gummies contain full-spectrum CBD with no cutting agents. Hence, their products offer the best results with rare to no side effects. However, it is essential to consume delta 8 products within certain limits.

Besides their popular gummy flavors, BudPop offers their valued users the best customer support. BudPop offers free shipping on all orders across the United States of America. They offer an easy 30-day money-back guarantee. When you signup for the BudPop newsletter, they send you regular updates and exclusive discounts on their products. Finally, BudPop educates its customer base by answering common questions in the delta 8 space.

However, BudPop delta 8 THC gummies lie on the pricier side, with each bottle of 500 mg costing around $60 approximately. The company's website offers the best security for user data and allows you to place your orders easily. It even allows you to navigate through many options effortlessly, directing you to the products you wish to see.


●    Offers 25 mg per dosage
●    Hemp sourced from the farms of Nevada
●    User-friendly website
●    Free shipping across the USA
●    Third-party lab-tested products
●    Offers great health benefits
●    Free from artificial flavoring


●    It lies on the pricier side
●    Products are only available on the brand's website

Customer Experience

BudPop is undoubtedly a customer-centric brand with a complete focus on delivering the optimum level of satisfaction to customers. Customers are delighted with the range of flavors BudPop has brought to the plate. Its products offer rapid calming effects and an excellent night's sleep for users who suffer from sleep disorders. Apart from that, the customer service team does an outstanding job in offering the best customer service to users on a timely basis. Customers identify BudPop as being pricier, but the quality is undeniably excellent.

How We Made the List of Top Delta 8 Gummies?

Before preparing the list of the top-rated delta 8 gummies, we devised a list of essential characteristics and evaluations that a brand must possess. Upon the hundreds of brands out there, we shortlisted the best ones to ensure your user experience is not compromised.

Due to the rising demand for delta 8 products, many users are looking for brands to satisfy their needs. In this tough market, many companies have shown up offering their products. This has given me a chance to counterfeit brands to enter the market.

Here is what we looked for:

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation tells a lot about the products it sells. A brand that customers appreciate and trust is more likely to produce high-quality products.
Hence, we looked for customer reviews on how a brand is to customers. We browsed multiple social media platforms and third-party websites for honest customer reviews. The main factors impacting an excellent brand reputation were outstanding product quality and top customer service.

Hemp Derived Products

Our critical factor of consideration was to see the quality of hemp plants used to derive the delta 8 extracts. Our focus was to leverage brands that sourced their hemp from reliable farms.

Currently, farms in the United States of America and Canada are considered the best sources of hemp. Farming methods are of great concern here.
We only selected brands that practiced authentic and organic farming methods in the farms. Brands that used herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, or artificial additives were not entertained.

Third-Party Lab Testing

Third-party testing certifies the quality of a product. A brand that conducts third-party lab tests conveys that its products are safe to use. This testifies to the reliability and transparency of a product. Brands that display third-party test results on their website are known to be authentic.

Natural Ingredients

We looked into brands that made use of 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavoring, colors, and any other types of additives. Products that included harmful ingredients, such as GMOs, vegetable glycerol, copper, etc., were not included in our finalized list.

Moreover, all brands included in this post comply with the Farm Bill (2018), which states that all delta 8 THC gummies and other products should have less than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

What to Consider Before Buying Delta 8 THC Gummies

According to a study by Forbes, around 22.3 million people searched for Delta 8 THC gummies, Delta 8 Carts , and other D-8 products. Due to this immense demand, more brands have entered the market, leading to confusion and dilemma in choosing a good brand.

If you are a beginner who wishes to explore delta 8 THC gummies' health benefits, it can be very problematic for you to know what factors to consider while buying delta 8 gummies. Hence, we have listed down the essential elements that you, as a beginner, need to keep in mind while going for a brand that sells delta 8 gummies:

Brand Image

Brand image and reputation are significant for any market. Reputable brands do not let their customers suffer through low-quality products and services. In short, a company's brand image directly relates to the quality of products sold.

There are many ways to learn about a company's brand image. Firstly, you can browse their website to see what information they have provided and what is not mentioned. For example, a company with a user-friendly website and complete information disclosure of its products is capable of being termed as a reputable brand.

Moreover, a company operating for years will likely be featured in a magazine or article. Search the internet for the company you wish to know more about. If more people are talking about a brand being good, then it is probably a good choice. Customer reviews significantly tell about a brand's image.

Independent Lab Testing

Make sure that the brand you are choosing has conducted independent lab testing on its products. These tests are essential as they tell us about the quality of a product. Since the delta 8 market is still relatively unregulated, these third-party tests allow us to know more about a product.
Secondly, look for third-party lab reports on the brand website. Most reputable brands include reports on their website to be easily viewed by customers. The third-party lab test will show up whenever you click on a product to view it in detail.

Manufacturing Process and Natural Ingredients

Since delta 8 gummies are a relatively newer addition to the delta 8 market, a standardized and safe manufacturing process must be maintained and operated in producing goods.

Firstly, hemp plants are harvested, and the oil is extracted using CO2 extraction. Some brands also do ethanol extraction, but it leaves behind a residue of ethanol that is unsuitable for us. Hence, the CO2 process is the best one.

Once the hemp oil is extracted, it is fused with other ingredients to produce natural and organic delta 8 gummies. Artificial flavoring and chemicals are the most important things to look for in the manufacturing process.

Brands that use harmful chemicals, toxic compounds, pesticides, and herbicides were rejected by us. We only favored companies that manufactured delta 8 gummies using natural and organic production methods and ingredients.


Delta 8 gummies and other products are lying on the pricier side because of their immense effort to produce them. However, some products provide excellent value for money. Before settling on a product, it is essential to consider the price point and other factors influencing it.

Since more fake brands have entered the business, it is difficult to distinguish between a good and a brand product. Many counterfeit brands set their pricing very low to attract consumers who are looking for affordable products. Hence, always steer clear of very inexpensive products because they are highly likely to be made using low-quality ingredients and chemicals.

Moreover, a product is not guaranteed to be of supreme quality if sold at a high price. Many fake brands position themselves as upper-category brands by pricing them at a believable price point.

Before adding the product to your cart, don't forget to look at the ingredients. Brand image should also be considered while buying a product.


If you are a beginner, you must consume delta 8 gummies within your capacity. Hence, choose products that offer low levels of potency. High-level potency products can adversely affect your health if it goes beyond your capacity.

FAQs Related to Delta 8 Gummies

Q. How long does a delta 8 gummy take to kick in?

According to a study by Discover Magazine, delta 8 gummies can take up to two hours to be absorbed by your body, and its effects start kicking in. It also greatly depends on your method of consumption. Delta 8 gummies are mostly eaten without any other food. Hence, when eaten in isolation, it will take up to two hours for its effects to show up.

Similarly, the effects of delta 8 gummies last up to six hours for most users. If you are a heavy user, it might stay earlier for you.

Q. Can you overdose on delta 8 edibles?

Delta 8 gummies are mild because of their concentration of psychoactive elements. Hence, it is very rare to overdose on delta 8 gummies. It will take a very high amount to experience an overdose. Still, it is recommended by us that you always consume delta 8 products within limits. There are cases where individuals cannot handle the product's effects and face specific side effects.

Delta 9, on the other hand, can easily cause an overload if you do not consume it under control.

Q. How long do you stay high on delta 8 gummies?

An average individual stays under the influence of delta 8 gummies for around 3 to 10 hours. However, most effects wear off till 6 hours. This entirely depends on your method of consuming the delta 8 products. In the case of delta 8 gummies, it takes around 3o minutes for the effects to show up.

How many gummies should I take?

Always start slow when consuming delta 8 products—consuming 1 delta 8 gummy of roughly 5 mg. This is a considerably high dose for a beginner and a mild dose for a regular cannabis user. Over time, you may increase your consumption to 2 gummies. Always make sure to consume within limits since overconsumption can lead to various side effects, as mentioned above.

Q. What is delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a psychoactive substance in the cannabis market that has soothing properties. It is a medical remedy to overcome stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. It significantly uplifts mood and induces a feeling of euphoria. It has many other significant benefits.

Delta 8 THC is known as the sister compound of delta 9 THC. According to a study by Outlook India, the only difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 is the double bond of the carbon atom. Delta 9 inflicts various adverse effects, such as anxiety and paranoia.

Q. Which is the best Delta 8 gummy brand?

The top 5 picks we have mentioned in this post are probably the best delta 8 gummies in the market. These brands are selected after careful evaluation and selection process concerning specific benchmarks and factors.

However, it mostly depends on the user on which brand they consider the best. Every person has different needs. A brand that completely fulfills a customer's needs is probably the best brand for them. Therefore, we have included 5 of the best options in this post, allowing you to select your best brand easily.

Q. What are the side effects of Delta 8 gummies?

Since Delta 8 is mild, it does not inflict side effects of significant levels. Still, there are certain side-effects of these products.
According to a study by Discover Magazine, heavy consumption of delta-8 products can lead to increased anxiety, dry mouth, reddening of eyes, and slowed reaction time. In extreme cases, it can lead to hallucinations and memory loss. First-time users may experience mild side effects until they get used to the products.

Q. What are the benefits of Delta 8 gummies?

Delta 8 gummies have multiple therapeutic benefits, including improved sleep, digestion, pain relief, productivity, mood boost, and help fight anxiety. Delta 8 products greatly help a person fight against stress and depression. Overall, delta 8 THC gives users a feeling of relaxation and calmness as far as it is consumed under control.


Now that you know about the best delta 8 gummies in the market, we hope you can make a well-informed decision about which brand to choose. You may always refer to our buying guide to learn the factors one needs to consider before buying delta 8 gummies off the market. Our list of delta 8 gummies will provide you with the best satisfaction and will guide you to a good decision.

Always remember to consume delta 8 products within a limit since overconsumption may lead to harmful effects such as dry mouth and reddening of eyes, as mentioned above.

We wish you the best with your delta 8 journey ahead! Have a great day!

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.

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