Microsoft And Uttar Pradesh Government Forge Partnership To Establish AI Hub

Microsoft joins forces with the Uttar Pradesh government, marking the inception of a groundbreaking initiative to establish an AI hub and foster technological advancements in the state.


Microsoft has taken a significant step by teaming up with the Uttar Pradesh government to establish an AI hub in the state. The partnership was discussed in a meeting between Mr. Ranveer Chandra, Managing Director, Agri Food & CTO of Microsoft, and the Uttar Pradesh Delegation led by Manoj Kumar Singh, the Infrastructure and Industrial Development Commissioner, according to media reports. 

As part of this collaboration, Microsoft aims to make Uttar Pradesh a hub for artificial intelligence in the country. The company plans to set up an AI hub and has outlined its initial agenda.

In addition to this, Microsoft has committed to deploying Generational AI to update Agriculture Package of Practices by incorporating farmer innovations. The tech giant also expressed its support for creating an Open Market for Carbon and Green Credits.

Moreover, Microsoft proposed capacity building initiatives, offering Microsoft certification on Data Management to optimize and enhance productivity.

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