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21 January 2013 Society Mind your body

Save Money, Do The Bloom

It’s the time of the year when everyone decides that fitness is ‘priority’...

It’s the time of the year when everyone decides that fitness is ‘priority’. This converts to more money spent on gym memberships, workout clothes, shoes and accessories. Not time spent in the gym, but money spent on it.

It’s funny that this happens every year and we don’t seem to have a way to stop this. Maybe we just don’t have the hots for it (don’t get excited, I mean ‘Higher Order Thinking Skills’). You either don’t have it or think that a new year’s resolution, much less an exercise programme, doesn’t require one. It does, it does, let me explain.

Remembering: How you spent money on that membership last year too.

Understanding: That money cannot buy commitment and compliance to an exercise programme.

Applying: Solving that never-ending saga of not working out by budgeting time, and not money, towards the exercise programme.

Analysing: What your areas of attention are—back hurts/ bulging waist/ sinking energy, etc.

Evaluating: Your current fitness levels—strength, flexibility, cardio-respiratory fitness and body composition.

Creating: A fitness programme built on assessing and then challenging your current fitness levels allows you to address your areas of attention.

Hmm, the board room calls it brainstorming and technically it’s called ‘the Bloom’s taxonomy’. My nomenclature for people who spend money each year to stay fatter and older than last year is idiots. Yeah, it’s not right to call anyone that but it’s also not right to make the same mistake year after year.

Wishing you a fitter 2013.

AUTHORS: Rujuta Diwekar
SECTION: Society
SUBSECTION: OpinionMind your body
OUTLOOK: 21 January, 2013
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