Friday 21 October 2016

Multi-Partner Sex

Promiscuity is an accepted fact in the metros, more so among the 30-plus
  • Bombay and Lucknow lead in the acceptance of multi-partner sex as a part of modern day living

  • The 30-plus age group is more open to multi-partner sex, especially if they are without children

  • Friends, relatives and neighbours are the most common partners for sexual escapades

  • 34 per cent agree with the concept of multi-partner sex

  • 53 per cent multi-partner sex encounters see spouse participation

  • One’s own house and that of the partner are the two most favoured venues for extra-marital sexual encounters

While multi-partner sex is frowned upon by 45 per cent, a fairly large percentage (34) seem to accept it as a part of modern-day living. With acceptance highest in Lucknow and Bombay (45 per cent), followed by Calcutta (39 per cent), Ahmedabad (36 per cent) and Delhi (30 per cent). Those in the 30-plus age group are easier in their acceptance of multi-partner sex (35 per cent), especially if they have not had any children.

If proximity leads to extra-marital sexual encounters, then the figure below shows that it is friends, relatives, family members, and neighbours who become willing partners for sex outside matrimony. While 14 per cent of these sexual encounters are carried on in one’s own house, three per cent happen in offices and four per cent in parks and gardens.

Attitude towards multi-partner sex
Agree : 34%
Disagree : 45%
Neutral : 12&
No responsse : 9%

Possible partners for sexual relationships
Friends : 18%
Relative/family members : 13%
Neighbours : 12%
Casual aquaintances : 9%
Office colleagues- junior level : 8%
Commercial sex workers : 8%
Friend's spouse : 7%
Office colleague - same level : 6%
Spouse's friends : 6%
Office colleagues - senior level : 4%

Who initiated multi-partner sex

            Male    Female
Yourself    58%     44%
Your spouse 8%      27%
Others      20%     12% 

Venues of sexual relations with someone other than spouse

                Past         Present
                relations    relations
Your house      10           14
Your partner's  11           7 
Friend's house  8            4
Hotel           9            5
Car             5            3
Park/garden     5            4 
Office          4            3
Others          3            2  

Whether spouse participated in multi-partner sex ?
Yes : 53%
No : 34%
No response : 13%

Spouse participation in multi-partner sex centrewise
Delhi : 64%
Bombay : 54%
Calcutta : 39%
Madras : 53%
Ahmedabad : 45%
Cochin : 30%
Bangalore : 38%
Lucknow : 66%

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