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06 October 2008 National Outlook-GfK Mode Opinion Poll

69% People In India Think Bajrang Dal Should Be Banned

Interviews conducted in Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Lucknow with 516 respondents on September 23 and 24

Outlook-GfK Mode Opinion Poll
69% People In India Think Bajrang Dal Should Be Banned

Should the government impose a ban on Bajrang Dal?
  Yes No   DK/CS
  69 27 

Delhi 75
Bombay 64
Calcutta 81
Lucknow 85
Hyderabad 38

Hindu 65
Muslim  74
What was your reaction to the attacks on Christians and churches by Bajrang Dal?
Yes No
Unfortunate and unpardonable 86 14
Necessary due to forced conversions 61 39
Threat to India’s secular reputation 84 16
Why do you think the central government is soft on militant Hindu groups?
Yes No
Political agenda and lack of will 81 19
There is a fear of backlash 68 32
Majority of police is communal 55 45
Has the government taken necessary action against the fundamentalist forces?
Yes No
23 77

Delhi 27
Bombay 21
Calcutta 12
Lucknow 21
Hyderabad 35
Can the activities of the BD, such as bomb-making, be called terrorist activities?
Yes No DK/CS
70 27 3

Delhi 76
Bombay 80
Calcutta 73
Lucknow 84
Lucknow 35
Most of the terror/blast suspects are Muslims. Why do you think this is so?
  Hindu Muslim
They are easy targets 61 60  64 
Lack of education, economic backwardness 71 73 67
Strong influence of terrorist groups  73  78 65
Bitter experience of communal violence  63  65 61
Is growing economic divide causing communal  disharmony?
Yes No
79 21

Delhi 71
Bombay 91
Calcutta 75
Lucknow 74
Hyderabad 86

Hindu  82
Muslim  76
How would you rate the media coverage of the issues and problems of the minorities or the poor?
Adequate 44
Poor 38
Too much coverage 18
Do you think the media sensationalises terrorism - related news?
Yes 74
No 26
Why do you think the media sensationalises terrorism?
Yes No
It is easy to sensationalise terror 68 32
They are simply doing their job 76 24
The readers too like sensationalised news 74 26

All figures in percentage

Methodology: Research Organisation GfK Mode conducted the survey in five cities namely Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Lucknow and Hyderabad on September 23 and 24 to understand public sentiment on the recent attacks on minority groups. In all 516 interviews were conducted, broken up into 299 Hindu and 217 Muslim respondents.

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OUTLOOK: 06 October, 2008
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