Eat Like Nawabs When In Lucknow

Eat Like Nawabs When In Lucknow
A plateful of Rahim nihari paya and biryani is all you need when in Chowk, Lucknow, Photo Credit: Shome Basu

It's a brutal fight between calories and happiness in the streets of Lucknow

Precious Kamei
September 15 , 2021
02 Min Read

Kakori, Galawat, Shami, Boti, Patili, Ghutwa, Seekh, know these names if you like kebabs or know Lucknow...intimately. The city is absolutely a love-city, that is, if you love food the way we do. The city, popular for its Nawabi food, proudly say "Naashta toh Nawaabo ka hona chahiye" (feast fit for a king). The Awadhi cuisine, native to Lucknow, takes its inspiration from the Mughal style of cooking. Kebabs are great any day but wait...let's also look at other stars of Lucknow street food. From local biscuits to biryani to bhaang thandai, Lucknow is all prepared to win everyone's hearts.

Khayiye, aap Lucknow mein hain...


These biscuits are local and come in so many varieties. One for each day of the month perhaps? In pic: Burma biscuits in Aminabad, Lucknow

Find Dastarkhawan right next to UP Press club and Tulsi complex in Lucknow

Have a sweet tooth? Head to a mithai shop in Chowk bazar in Lucknow

A bite of paan to finish off that delicious meal you just had

This is probably one of the most popular (and sought after, if you knowwhat we mean) drink in the city. In pic: bhaang thandai, a must-try when in Lucknow

Can't really miss out on chaat when in Lucknow. Royal Cafe chaat corner in Hazratganj cares about your chaat needs

Sevakram and his puri subji in Chowk bazar is as good as it looks

We wouldn't leave without our dearly beloved Tundey Kebabi, the absolute must-have when in Lucknow. Find these in Aminabad

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