MC Square: 'Hip-Hop Is Like Energy To Me, That's How I Found My Stage Name'

Rapper MC Square, who is currently seen on 'MTV Hustle 2.0', is giving tough competition to contestants on the reality TV show.

Rapper MC Square, who is currently seen on 'MTV Hustle 2.0', is giving tough competition to contestants on the reality TV show. His songs 'Ram Ram' and 'Badmos Chora' are currently creating a tizzy on social media.

Aged 23, MC Square, hails from Bhawana, Palwal in Haryana. He is a rapper, poet, and dancer. The rapper, whose real name is Abhishek Bainsla, got his inspiration from his hometown's folk song "Ragini" and started his journey in rapping in 2016.

Talking to IANS about his journey in hip-hop, the rapper said: "I started rapping 5-6 years ago and it was all random. I used to write poetry, gazals. My friend Himanshu Bhatt introduced me to HUSTLE 2.0, but I was not sure because I thought all these reality shows were scripted, but then I got a call from the crew of 'Hustle' for Delhi auditions and so here I am."

MC Square entered the rap game in 2018 with his song called "Hip Hop Mazhab".

Since then, he has made music that motivates, inspires, and, more importantly, allows listeners to relate to the heartbreak and dreams of the common man.

His stage name is as interesting as his lyrics.

Asked how he got his stage name, he shared a unique reason.

"Since childhood, I've always been interested in reading science books, and there's an equation by Einstein, E=mc2, which means energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. The Hip-hop game is like energy to me and that's how I found my stage name."

How does he stay true to himself and his rap?

"Just being real with myself is my go-to. I will stay in my lane and be consistent. That's my idea of making it work."

Unlike other writers, MC Square said that when it comes to writing his songs, he sits at home sipping tea with a grand view.

"I write my songs alone at home, sipping tea with the view of Aravali hills from my terrace. I like to observe people around me and get inspired by them. My recent song 'Chehre' (Faces), is the story of my observations of people and their faces travelling in the Delhi metro."


What about writer's block?

"About writer's block, I believe that we do lose confidence in ourselves at times and this absolutely leads to a kind of blockage, but I take it very positively. I know this happens and I just spend time with my friends and family. Sometimes I take my bicycle and wander around my village just to clear my mind."

Rapper Badshah, who is judging the reality show, got emotional and said that he would never forget his name and that means the world to MC Square.

"That feeling was something I can't explain in words. I'll just say 2 lines by Pakistani rapper Tran Anjum: 'Tu mujh mein dekhe insaan baki sari duniya ko dikhe bas kala.' It felt like Badshah sir saw the real Abhishek inside me."

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