A View into Life: Tribal Museum Bhopal

Home to several tribal communities such as the Gonds, Baigas, and Bhariyas, Madhya Pradesh’s cultural tapestry is woven with varied art, craft, architecture, and customs.

Relics of War

A long-forgotten WWII-era Prisoner of War Camp lies in the heart of the Ratapani jungle

Setting in Stone

The northern regions of Madhya Pradesh are dotted with temples. Typically constructed with blocks of soft sandstone that is available here, these are intricately carved with every available surface filled with images of deities, social themes and narrations or floral motifs

Morena Gajak

The Morena variant of North India’s favourite winter sweet

Every Picture Tells A Story

Gond art is inspired by nature. Its beauty lies in the intricate patterns created in each form that graces the artist’s canvas

Home Is Where The Art Is

An unexpected escape in an industrial heartland, Art Ichol is an inspiring artistic space, where scrap gets a makeover

On the Fringes of the Forest

A peek into the rich culture and traditions of the indigenous Gond and Baiga tribes living on the periphery of Central India’s national parks

A Day at Khamba Village

A community-led rural tourism initiative at Pench National Park allows for a deeper understanding of local communities

Take On These Top Eats

Beyond samosas and kachoris, a peek at a fusion of jalebi and gulab jamun, and other uncommon dishes from Central India’s kitchens.

Waxing Eloquent

In the by-lanes of Behrugarh, the age-old skill of batik painting thrives