Even when you didn’t realise it, you’ve been charmed by the riveting notes of Raag Deepak, Raag Malhar, Raag Mrigaranjini and Raag Malkauns (so many popular songs are set to these timeless ragas!). But do you know how they came to be? A glorious jugalbandi of nature and culture, and one of the oldest surviving

Begums of Bhopal

Qudsia Begum is the first woman in South Asia to assert the right of Muslim women to be the legal rulers of a state, making reform and modernisation an inherent part of Bhopal’s legacy. The Begum also contributed to a remarkable matrilineal line with four strong-willed and brave female successors. Tune in to know more

Bhopal ke pakwan

Welcome to the land that legitimised having biryanis for breakfasts! Welcome to Bhopal! And before you can spell luncheon or supper, let it spoil you forever with sulemani chai, poha, sabudana khichdi, gosht korma, Mughal rezala, Bhopali Nargisi kofta, barfi, rasmalai and an array of other mouthwatering delicacies. Come savour the sounds of Bhopal’s noisy

The Majestic Barasingha!

Meet Kanha’s resident crowd-puller and the State Animal of Madhya Pradesh, the majestic Barasingha! Brought back from the edge of extinction in the 1970s, it now roams freely in grassy plateaus hemmed in by dense groves of Sal. With a heart-shaped crown of antlers and a regal bearing, it’s the perfect ambassador for the forested heart of India.

The legend of Lata Tai

Who can sing 50,000 songs in 36 languages? Who can make a seasoned statesman misty-eyed at will? Who can still be a charming little girl from Indore in the 9th decade of her life? Tune in to find out more about the best-known voice of India!

Tiger Stories

Spotting Bengal Tigers in one of the National Parks of India is one of the most exciting wildlife experiences one can have. And what better place to do it than in Madhya Pradesh! With some of the most popular National Parks calling MP their home, it is the ideal place to spot the stripes. Listen

Madhya Pradesh Bride

Trying to pack her entire world in a suitcase, this young bride from Gwalior is feeling excited, nostalgic and emotional, as she reminisces her childhood through various pieces of art and craft she has collected over the years, from different parts of Madhya Pradesh. From Saris, paintings, to sculptures and food, everything that she holds

Kishore Kumar and Khandwa

This audio story on Kishore Kumar highlights his days in Khandwa- his hometown. We revisit his childhood to trace the origins of the rawness, honesty and yodeling in his songs interspersed with some of his most memorable numbers.

Kumar Gandharva & Dewas

The power of Kumar Gandharva’s Nirguni Bhajans is such that even today, 25 years after he passed away, no one can imagine Kabir Bani without him. We retrace the years he spent in Dewas to recover from tuberculosis. Dewas became the land of his healing and discovery of a new wave in classical music

Burhanpur Guide

The Taj that Isn’t Emperor Shah Jahan was a frequent visitor to the town of Burhanpur, and even shifted his court there for a few years. It was also the site where he planned to build the Taj Mahal originally. Listen to the story of this town in the words of Kalle bhai, an imaginary