WHO to Travellers: Stay Watchful

WHO to Travellers: Stay Watchful
Taking a flight? WHO says take protocols seriously, and wear masks and face shield at all times, Photo Credit: B.Zhou/ Shutterstock

Following the release of some new studies which predict the virus may be airborne, WHO has urged travellers to stay cautious and strictly adhere to safety protocols

Trinetra Paul
July 09 , 2020
01 Min Read

A group of scientists and researchers across the globe had written open letters to the World Health Organisation (WHO) about the possibility of the COVID-19 virus being an airborne one. Though that has yet to be proved conclusively, the WHO has decided to update its guidelines for travellers. The organisation has urged travellers (especially those taking crowded transport such as flights) to wear masks, face shields and follow social distancing norms.

WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris said, “If it's anywhere, it's everywhere and people travelling have to understand that”, and requested people not to be caught off guard by resurgent local epidemics. 


As the summer holidays begin in the Northern Hemisphere and people start to travel, it has become imperative to adopt all safety measures and follow strict health guidelines. "If you are flying, there is no way you can social distance in a plane, so you will need to take other precautions including using a face covering," Harris said.

The WHO also mentioned the recurrence of a second wave of infection in several countries which had successfully shut down local transmission of the virus, such as Australia and Hong Kong. 

Some recent studies have stated that the COVID-19 virus, which is mainly transmitted through droplets expelled through nose and mouth of a person, could also loom in the air for a short while, and anyone breathing in the same air could contract the virus.  Studies are being carried out to find out if this is indeed the case. Till then, it's best to be careful.

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