An In-Depth Guide to Australia’s Diverse Marine Life

An In-Depth Guide to Australia’s Diverse Marine Life
Discover Australia's marine wildlife with this website,

Learn the immigration routes and habitats of various sea creatures that reside Down Under on this website

Roshni Subramanian
December 06 , 2019
01 Min Read

What’s the deal with humanity’s fascination with the unknown? Be it exploring uncharted waters, or digging deep into age-old legends, the unknown harbours everything terrifying and everything we desire. One such fascination that remains a mystery even today, is what lies in our oceans. Life underwater has always intrigued the curiosities of the land dwellers. Australia’s coastline and reefs are home to some of the most peculiar marine creatures, and Marine Migrations will tell you exactly where to find them. The portal contains in-depth information on the immigration routes and habitats of sea creatures in Australia and provides a blow-by-blow for tracking them without disturbing them. The website has an easy interface and consists of a map of the region. It also features a drop-down list of different species. Click on the names and migration routes to learn more about a specific creature and explore new frontiers of learning.


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