Surajkund Mela: Conglomeration Of Cultures

Surajkund Mela: Conglomeration Of Cultures
A riot of colours at Surajkund Mela,

Riot of colours, delicious flavours, carefree dancing and beautiful stalls make a trip to Faridabad worthwhile

Shankh Chatterjee
February 23 , 2018
03 Min Read

Music and colour are harmoniously in sync, whilst the aura of a place of joy and merriment takes over your senses. I could barely contain my excitement as I entered through the gates of Surajkund Mela. The annual fair was held in Faridabad recently. The fair draws crowds from all over the country as well as international traffic. As I navigated my way along the fair, I tried to explore as much as I could.

Pretty decorations at Surajkund Mela

There were little children running around, high on the sugar rush from eating too many jalebis while the parents enjoyed Daal Bati Churma. Walking down any lane, I witnessed a drum band playing with gusto and within minutes, people gathering around. Laughter and dance huddles were a common sight. With cameras out, Instagram and Snapchat ready, carefree dancing began right in the middle of the road!

Various coloured dupattas at a stall

There's so much to take in. People from around the country and the world put up stalls. Lamps, carpets, shawls, flags, quilts... the list is endless. Just the sheer options of products to choose more is overwhelming. If you weren't thinking of redecorating your space, you would by the time you browsed through the stalls. 

Buy traditional art at the fair

Brushing shoulders, pushing and stepping on feet are common as you walk down the lanes. Men and women approach you to come and look at their wares. The distant noise of an argument, where a bargain is being struck, can be heard.  Another step forward and a beautiful stall selling fabrics  will melt the inner threshold and question your rationality as you suddenly see yourself planning a whole new wardrobe. Every step is a new world of products and a new argument with your inner-self to tighten those purse strings (heart strings are a little harder to convince.)

In the area of the International stalls, the eye directly went to Lebanon. Gorgeous glass lamps adorned the roof and a bunch of photographers tried to capture the magic. I, of course, joined the bandwagon from behind the lens. The Bangladesh stall, dressed up in batik and jute, stood tall while the Thailand area always remained overcrowded, much having to do with the small purse products at a bargain rate.

Pretty lamps everywhere

As darkness fell, an area dedicated to the Ferris wheels and other such entertainment-driven mechanisms lit up, drawing crowds. Screams of thrill and fear muddled together constituted the background noise as families and couples indulged in cotton candy and delicious food. There were umpteen photo opportunities for tourists as men dressed up as characters from the Epics. In fact, a child stood next to Ravana as his parents took a picture and the little one couldn't stop smiling. Walk around some more and at this point, you just might come across Rama taking a break, enjoying an ice cream cone!

Take a selfie with characters from the Epics!

As it was time to leave, my mind tried navigating through all that I had seen, how could I best describe the Surajkund Mela? A place of inspiration amidst chaos, a riot of colours, foot-tapping music, carefree dancing and delicious food. I smiled, promising to be back next year this time again.

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