Venice Introduces New Regulations To Handle Tourist Pressure

Venice Introduces New Regulations To Handle Tourist Pressure
Venice Regulates Tourism For a Clean and Safe Visit, Photo Credit: Shutterstock

An attempt to make Venice more eco-friendly and tourist-friendly, these rules even prevent eating and wearing bathing suits in public places

OT Staff
May 30 , 2019
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The city council of Venice has implemented new regulations to keep the cleanliness of the tourist heaven in check.

According to the new rules (named Daspos, after the restricted access bans found in football games), any visitor caught sun bathing, snacking or even taking a dip in the canal can be asked to leave the city immediately—and that’s not the end of it. They may also be banned from returning in the future. The rule, also applicable to shopkeepers, stipulates a fine (anything between €25 to €500) for those found polluting the city.


Other bans include restrictions on eating as well as wearing bathing suits in public places, drinking alcohol between 8 PM and 8 AM outside designated areas, riding bikes, loitering at bridges, and sitting or lying down around monuments. Not only this, they have a condition for the party animals as well. People will be allowed to celebrate outdoors only during the day or on weekends.

Another step the council has agreed upon is the introduction of an entry fee. Tourists will be expected to pay a standard €3 (INR 234) tax, which could go up to €10 (INR 780) next year during ‘critical periods’.

The additional income is hoped to keep the city reasonably clean and functioning in the face of its staggering (and ever-increasing) weight of tourism. As part of this cleanliness drive, visitors will be mandated to use biodegradable and compostable bags and containers from January 2021. Those using single-use plastics will be fined, with even local businessmen having their joints temporarily shut down for violations. The rules are an extension of the city’s ongoing #RespectEnjoyVenezia campaign.


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