Use Instagram to Book Your Next Flight to Europe

Use Instagram to Book Your Next Flight to Europe
Find your next travel destination on Instagram—literally!, Photo Credit: Daniel Danel/Flickr

The Shazam of Travel is here. You can now upload a screenshot and book tickets to Europe!

OT Staff
October 25 , 2018
01 Min Read

If you spend the better part of your day scrolling through your Instagram newsfeed and tapping away on people’s stories, here’s a chance to put that to good use. Soon, you will be able to use an Instagram screenshot as a way to book tickets to fly out to Europe! EasyJet, a low-cost airline true to its name, has launched a quick and easy-to-use feature called ‘Look & Book‘ which allows you to upload an Instagram screengrab of a place that looks appealing and will lead you on to book the tickets with just a tap. This feature is perfect for those who are always on the go and are in favor of impromptu plans.

The app uses Instagram’s geo-tagging feature coupled with image-recognition software which auto-completes information in the booking fields. Although the airline recommends using Instagram screenshots for best results; it may work with existing pictures from your iPhone’s library as well. This new feature is backed by ‘Instagram envy’ that many of us face while checking out our friends’ never-ending exotic holidays. The app seeks to reduce the number of steps involved right from looking at a picture to figuring out where it was taken, googling the location to find the nearest airport and then checking an airline’s website for ticket prices. All this can be shortened by a seamless process used by Look & Book.

‘This is about behaviour change’, say the creators. Instagram has emerged as an incredibly powerful force in the world of travel. They hope to attract new customers by adding an air of thrill to a usually tedious process for an Instagram inspired holiday. They further add that the feature will assist people in exploring Europe by opening up lesser-known locations.

Look & Book currently only supports iOS and the reach is limited to destinations in Europe. 


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