Falguni and Shane Peacock

Falguni and Shane Peacock
Falguni and Shane Peacock,

The fashion designer couple talks about a magnificent stay with sea views in Eze, France

Kavita Devgan
March 20 , 2014
02 Min Read

OT: Which is your favourite hotel in the world?
Falguni and Shane Peacock: It’s in Eze, the Château de La Chèvre d’Or (from € 300; Eze is between Nice and Monaco. We visited it last summer, in May, after the Cannes Film Festival 2013. We were in the process of opening shop in New York, plus all the fashion weeks, so it had been very hectic and this was the perfect break.

OT: Why do you like it?
Falguni and Shane Peacock: Our experience was fabulous. From the moment we stepped inside this mystical medieval wonderland, we felt like we were in a completely different world where we forgot about work and all the stress. The landscaping of the hotel is done very well: almost all rooms have a view of the French Riviera and the mountains. The gardens are whimsical and the furnishings are modern classic, the bathrooms are like spas and the balconies, overlooking the Mediterranean, have spectacular views.


OT: What did you do there?
Falguni and Shane Peacock: We loved soaking in the view from our little terrace attached to the room. We just didn’t want to leave! We were so in love with the property that we even did a bridal line inspired by it when we returned.

OT: What did you eat there?
Falguni and Shane Peacock: The hotel has a Michelin 2-star European restaurant, which has very high standards. Shane ate some caviar and oyster ravioli. I [Falguni] am vegetarian, so there was not much on the menu for me except this dish called ‘Local Zucchini’, which was very different and beautifully presented. Each and every ingredient tasted so fresh. We tried some delightful French rosés. We also tried some amazing cocktails. They have a terrace garden café and an al fresco dining area, also on the terrace. We loved both. 

OT: Do you intend to visit again soon?
Falguni and Shane Peacock: Yes, hopefully sometime this winter. We think the winters will be beautiful there.

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