Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor loves to hang out on beaches of Australian coast and Mauritius,

New York will always be the top destination and Peter Luger an all-time favourite for the Bollywood star

Aarti Kapur Singh
April 22 , 2014
02 Min Read

OT: Do you like travelling?
Ranbir Kapoor:
I love travelling if it is for a holiday because, usually, our work doesn’t allow us to enjoy a destination the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. Having said that, I really liked shooting for Rockstar in Prague. Whenever Imtiaz [Ali] went scouting for locations, I followed him around. In Europe, I also loved Hungary, where I shot for an ad. And Italy! When we were shooting Bachna Ae Haseeno there, I fell in love with the food, the people and the culture, especially in Venice and Puglia. Otherwise, I’m more of a beach bum, so you’ll find me in Seychelles, on the Australian coast or in Mauritius. But no matter where I go, New York (where I studied) will always be top of the heap for me.

OT: Any particular NY favourites?
Ranbir Kapoor:
Being a Kapoor, my best memories are obviously related to food...going to Peter Luger, for instance, where I ate the best steak I have ever had!


OT: What about family holidays?
Ranbir Kapoor:
Oh, I remember the time when we went to Mauritius together. We had such an amazing holiday — lolling on the beach, enjoying the wildlife and spending most of our time swimming. Also, holidays at my dadi’s house were always special — even if they were weekend trips. For us kids, it meant non-stop pampering and eating. I grew up on the paya from her kitchen.

OT: You seem like quite a foodie. Any on-the-road food disasters you recall?
Ranbir Kapoor:
Well, not on a vacation. But you know, when I went abroad to study, I carried a lot of canned Indian food. You can have firangi khana for three or four days; after that you crave Indian food. Which is why, I tried making keema once. I liked it but my roommate thought it was a disaster…That day, I missed home like never before.

OT: So do your holidays often revolve around food?
Ranbir Kapoor:
While it’s good that I can go on a binge when I’m on a holiday (so no karela juice!); I eat, sleep and chill. And I compensate for all the unhealthy eating by spending time in the gym and running — since I can enjoy the anonymity and experience the sights and sounds of a place.

OT: Do you shop?
Ranbir Kapoor:
Again, this is embarrassing. But I always bring back cheese — especially cream cheese — from wherever I go. It is almost a disorder. I just can’t resist it! And to top that, I don’t share my cheeses with anyone. In my fridge you will always find cream cheese, frozen dim sum, sausages, salami and ham.

OT: What do you always pack for a holiday?
Ranbir Kapoor:
Passport, sufficient dollars, a credit card and a suitcase of travel essentials. I am not telling any more!

OT: What’s next on your wish list?
Ranbir Kapoor:
Brazil and Argentina because I have heard and read a lot about their culture, food, music and women!

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