Faces Of Ladakh

Faces Of Ladakh
A traditional dance being performed by female monks at the Naropa Festival in Ladakh, Photo Credit: Meenketan Jha

From the vast infinite blue skies with an array of white dashes to the caring locals, Ladakh is a location within the boundaries of paradise

Meenketan Jha
September 25 , 2018
02 Min Read

Much to my surprise, all my worries disappeared into the clear skies of Leh. Surrounded by barren mountains and a blanket of blue skies, no number of words can do justice to the everlasting beauty of the place. The next four days of my stay in this gorgeous location turned out to be gifts that I would cherish for a long time.

Away from the chaos of Delhi and into the serenity of Leh, away from the monotonous schedule of the work life and into the calming presence of nature, Ladakh was an unforgettable experience. While the sublime skylines and cloud formations made the spectacle all the more attractive and irresistible, it was the locals who made this trip to one of India's coldest destinations a delight. 

Flooded with Buddhist monasteries, the Ladakhi capital city hosts the annual Naropa Festival. Monks and followers from across the world make a trip to this Indian city on this joyous occasion. Having spent two days at the festival, I interacted with scores of locals who had made their way to Leh and learned of their journeys and stories.


A small boy from Jammu and Kashmir entertaining himself while his parents run their temporary shop at the Naropa Festival

A monk in training from Bhutan attends the Naropa Festival with a group of other young monks

Young children join monasteries in Ladakh to learn about the Buddhist faith and help spread its beliefs to other parts of the world

Two girls play with toy windmills at the Naropa Festival held at the Hemis Temple


The prayer wheel in a local's hand--a miniature prototype of what is dispersed all over the corners of Leh and Ladakh

A grandmother smiling in the knowledge that her 2-year old grandson had finally gone fallen asleep after refusing to let her sleep the previous night

One of the locals offered me food after this photograph, even though she had very little for herself in the first place. How kind are the faces of Ladakh?

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