Bucket List 2023: 5 Travel Ideas For Nature Enthusiasts

Bucket List 2023: 5 Travel  Ideas For Nature Enthusiasts
Milford Sound, Fiordland in New Zealand Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Here are some dreamy travel bucket list ideas for every nature enthusiast

Vartika Srivastava
January 13 , 2023
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The new year is all about fresh resolutions and beginnings. Among the year's most popular resolutions is linking travel to annual goals, which can be a game changer if you live to explore, especially if it is to follow the hues of natural beauty across the world. Here are some dreamy travel bucket list ideas for every nature enthusiast in 2023.

The Green And Blue Of New Zealand Fjords
New Zealand is home to some of the most magnificent fjords, all incredibly deep and enclosed by towering cliffs. Fiordland National Park, one of the nation’s largest wildlife preserves, is located in this area. A vast natural wonderland, it is home to some of the country’s most breathtaking panoramas, including enormous waterfalls, stunning cliffs, and pristine rainforests. You can get the perfect view of the three most gorgeous fjords—Milford Sound, Dusky Sound, and Doubtful Sound—in Fiordland National Park via a cruise here.
The best time to visit is between March and May when there is still plenty of sunshine and it is cooler, quieter, and less crowded than in summer. It is also the ideal time of year for outdoor activities like hiking or cycling.
The Pinks Of Japan’s Cherry Blossom Season
Visit Japan during the most romantic time of the year, when the cherry blossom season kicks in. You can experience its beauty in cities like Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, Nara, and Takayama, where you will come across the fragrance of the swaying petals that paint these places in pastel pink.
The peak season for cherry blossoms in Japan is generally from late March to early April.
The Himeji Castle during spring in Japan
 The Neon Blue Of Glow In The Dark Beaches
Imagine bathing in waves that glow an iridescent blue against a perfectly lit night sky. Sounds intriguing? Known as bioluminescence, a vibrant blue glow arises in the ocean as waves crash on the sandy shore. The extraordinary spectacle results from bioluminescent plankton, which can be found in warm coastal waters. It’s a rare sighting, so one must do good research before planning a trip to spot the shimmering waters.
Try to locate areas such as Toyama Bay, Puerto Mosquito, or Vaadhoo Island where bioluminescence has been observed. Remember, the warmer the weather, the better your chances are to experience bioluminescence.
Bioluminescence on the San Diego coast
The Greys Of The Reynisfjara Beach In Iceland

The black sand beach on the south coast of Iceland looks a lot like the lunar surface due to the presence of spectacular basalt rocks and columns known as Reynisdrangar. They featured in Season 7 of the HBO series Game of Thrones. You will find thousands of seabirds nestled on the stacks, like puffins, fulmars, and guillemots. In Icelandic mythology, these were trolls who tried to pull ships to their doom. The beach is a 20-minute drive from Vik, in southern Iceland. The Katla volcano is close by, and one of its great eruptions is thought to be the cause of the black sand in Reynisfjara.

Reynisfjara beach in Iceland in winter season

The Psychedelic Lights Of The Aurora Borealis
The Northern Lights are revered as the pinnacle of astronomical events in the world. Also known as the aurora borealis, the lights appear at dusk when the sky is pitch black. The gleaming rays dance in green, blue, pink, and violet tones and present a spectacular night show, appearing in patterns of glimmers and flickers. Alaska, the Canadian Territories, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia are popular destinations that note the aurora borealis effect.
Time your vacation to a new moon to increase your chances of experiencing this phenomenon. Be vigilant, as the Northern Lights might appear and then vanish in a snap.
The Stunning White Of A Desert In India
One of the most spectacular landscapes in the world is the endless sea of salt marshes in the Rann of Kutch in India. Divided into the Great Rann and the Little Rann, the marsh covers more than 12,500 square kilometres between the Gulf of Kutch and the mouth of the Indus River, situated in southern Pakistan. The grasslands as well as the desert harbour some unique wildlife, including several endemic and endangered animal and plant species. Don’t miss the Indian wild ass or the thousands of greater flamingos that nest in the mudflats of the Rann.
You could also catch the Rann Utsav if you visit in the winter months, where tented accommodation helps you soak up the vibrant culture of the region. 
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