Bike-Packing Holidays For The Adventurous Soul

Bike-Packing Holidays For The Adventurous Soul
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When you plan your next well-deserved holiday, give biking holidays a thought

We live in a world where everything we do leaves a long-lasting impact, be it on our lives or the environment. Travel is one of the things with maximum impact on both these aspects. So next time you sit down to plan a well-deserved holiday for yourself or with your loved ones, give biking holiday a thought. Be it a lazy ride across Paris or a bike-packing trip across beautiful moors of Scotland, make those eco-friendly two-wheelers a part of your holiday. Get biking!

A biking holiday in a picture-perfect countryside

A Culture Tour of Paris, France
Holidaying in the French capital city sounds just about right any given day. And why not? Paris is the global hub for art, fashion, food and culture. From gorgeous boulevards lined with trees, River Seine flowing gently across the city, to world-famous landmarks like Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame cathedral...the list is unending. Paris is beautiful without a doubt. And none too large a city! One definitely has the option to hire a vehicle and take a tour of the city. But in case you are looking for an immersive experience of the city, the best way to explore the beautiful Paris is on a bike.

Retro bike next to Notre Dame Cathedral in ParisPaddle along the the banks of River Seine and enjoy the city sights or enjoy the wind in your hair as you ride through Champs-Elysées, one good thing about Paris is that since it is not too big a city, you can have a great sightseeing tour all by yourself. Most of the city's highlights are within close distance. You can do a culture tour at your own pace and should you feel the need to rest, there are plenty of outdoor cafés where you can sit and relax and watch the beautiful city pass by. But if you wish to have a guided tour of the city on a bike, that's also there. Bike About Tours, Paris Bike Company, Paris Bike Tour are few of the names you can trust when it comes to a guided bike tour of the city (including bike rental). If you want to go solo, explore your options with Freescoot.

Go Offbeat in Cambodia
PEPY Tours (Protect the Earth, Protect Yourself), an educational travel company dedicated in showcasing Cambodia up close and personal, is probably your best bet when it comes to exploring the beautiful country, eco-friendly way. Their annual cycling tour, three weeks of a guided biking tour will take you around the lovely countryside, the coasts and city streets. Riding around so much will whip up a good appetite, a good chance to explore the local cuisine and also to get to know the local culture.

Biking and Camping in Dartmoor, Devon, UK
Cycling around DevonWhen you ditch the comfort of a hotel room, you need to think about your camping scene (read Permits). At Dartmoor, though you are allowed to wild camp, there are small sensitive areas where it's prohibited for nature conservation purposes. Ride across Moretonhampstead town within Dartmoor National Park, quaint village of Dunsford and rocky tracks of Lustleigh. Biking across Devon also means getting to know it's many historical villages, picture-perfect coasts and the moors on the countryside.

Old delivery cycle advertising cycling path in South Devon

Isle of Wight, England
Off the south coast of England lies an island with beautiful coastal trails and even better forest trails. the island is Isle of Wight and the trail in question is that of Brighstone Forest. Cycling here is perfect. Just a couple of kilometres away from Yarmouth ferry terminal, lies the Brighstone track with small villages along the way. The trails are dusty but enjoyable nonetheless. Here you can even pick a sea-facing spot and call it a day. Camping and cycling never sounded more appealing.

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