A 'Swad'elicious twist of the tongue

A 'Swad'elicious twist of the tongue
Golgappas at SWAD,

The restaurant specializes in Gourmet Street Food with modern Indian flavours. While half the menu has Indian food, the other half has a European, American, Asian, Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

Thinley Chodon
June 28 , 2018
04 Min Read

<span ">Located in the bustling area of Nehru Place in New Delhi, SWAD breathes an air of colour and multiplicity, much like the city itself.

<span">Wide, vibrant window panes welcome wandering hungry souls to its doorstep. I was a little unsure of what this all-new pure vegetarian multi-cuisine restaurant had in store for me. It was a delight when this tasting opportunity came to me, for my rather recent vegetarian lifestyle had become a tad bit dull. Accompanied by my vegetarian partner, the first thing that we noticed when we entered was the eclectic seating arrangement and pop of colours—the interiors at SWAD definitely suited my taste with its Irani cafe inspired decor, chequered floors, elevated private spaces and portraits beaming with vivid scenes from around India. 

The refreshing interiors at SWAD

<span">Some good Hindi music, good company and great coolers are an excellent way to be a recluse to the Dilli sun. Sweat and heaving aside, the pleasant summer coolers that the restaurant offered were Aam Panna and watermelon coolerAs much as the drinks did quench our thirst, they were also mediocre and could have done with lesser artificial flavours to exaggerate the flavours of the said drinks.

<span">To feel overwhelmed is an understatement when I talk about the number of starters we were presented with. The quality of food is par excellence because you can taste the amount of thought that has been put into every bite of what you take in. Dahi Bhallas have perpetually been Dilli's favourite street food as well as its identifier. And rightly so! Refreshing, crunchy, crumbly and oozing out the goodness of yoghurt and chutneys, this starter was a tour down Dilli's chaat corners. The vegetarian momo platter had us confused with the colours, but, there's a hint: the colours are the biggest giveaways; the spinach momos in green, corn momos in yellows and your standard vegetable momos in translucent casings of flour, these were an explosion of different flavours in the mouth. The crunchy water chestnut spring rolls and mini jini dosas did not fail to impress either. However, the winner on the table was undoubtedly, the mock meat for vegetarians: the soya bean ki kebab with mint airI never imagined liking any vegetable kebab as much but SWAD surprised us with these sticks of joy- tender, light and extremely flavourful. These soya kebabs are a starter that you must try!

Spinach momos at SWAD

<span ">I am grateful that we didn't stop at the starters because the main course was one of the biggest highlights of the dining experience. Dal makhani, paneer lababdar and soya chaap accompanied with tandoori rotis came with a twist—vegetable red Thai curry and fragrant rice. What a delicious combo!

Dahi Bhalla gallore

I didn't even try to resist dessert? I heard our server mention moong dal halwa. Yes, he had me at halwa. What came to our table was pure dessert-fest—a white plate with kulfi placed on a pool of cold rabri, gulab jamun and moong dal halwa as its neighbours. This plate is enough to kill you with its homely, simple and sweet taste. All's well that ends well and I couldn't agree more.

Warm Moong dal halwa

SWAD's menu puts vegetables in the spotlight, featuring sourced and seasonal ingredients. The kitchen is purely vegetarian and absolutely no animal fat is used in the preparation of any dish. The restaurant specialises in gourmet street food with modern Indian flavours. While half the menu has Indian food, the other half has European, American, Asian, Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. 

The drinks menu features several fresh juices, fizzy mocktails and shakes, each one with its own set of fun and innovative concept and prepared with house-made syrups and bitters.
While Swad provides for a casual dining experience, it also facilitates fast food options. Keeping pace with the changing times and competitive market, it operates as a fast food restaurant till 6 pm and post that turns in to a casual dining restaurant.


<span ">Address:

43, Ground Floor, Chiranjivi Tower, NehruPlace, New Delhi,110019, New Delhi, Delhi 110019 


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