5 Tips For An Effortless Road Trip Holiday

5 Tips For An Effortless Road Trip Holiday
A road trip is always a good idea

Road trips are a lot of fun but a little bit of planning can go a long way. Here are five essential tips from the expert to make your road trip holiday a smooth one

Milind Bhide
June 27 , 2018
02 Min Read

Road trips give you the liberty of exploring any destination at your own pace, forgetting all worries of daily lives and make memories along the way. Usually in your 20’s is when everyone’s reckless, perhaps the best years of one’s lives which are filled with impromptu road trips. Road trips give you a chance to get completely lost, give you immense time for long conversations, explore nature at its best, stop to enjoy scrumptious dhaba food or even simply enjoy the view! Road trips are fun and often planned spontaneously, however, there are a few tips one must keep in mind while planning one. If you are an eager beaver and love the highways, here are five tips you need to adhere to make the road trip a memorable one!

Do your homework


By mapping out the route accordingly, and reading up as much as you can about the destination you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle later on. Road travel can get tiring for long hours - so having an itinerary helps, as travel times and distances can be ascertained and adjusted beforehand so it doesn’t get too hectic. After all, a holiday is meant to calm and rejuvenate, not stress you out or rile you up!

Book accommodation and flights in advance

Unless you love a bit of adventure and an element of the unknown - trust us, looking for a spare hotel room in an unknown place after a long day on the road along with your baggage is not a pretty sight. We cannot stress on this enough - book your hotels in advance wherever possible to have some peace of mind. The same goes for flights - book your tickets in advance to get good fares and save yourself trouble later on.

Organise your travel

Packing essentials and basic emergency measures like torches, first aid and spare batteries is your best bet for a smooth experience. Not only will it lighten your luggage but also ensure that you stay safe and don’t end up in a mess with things all over the place.

Safety measures

Our very handy tip: Always keep your folks informed about yourself and your current location whenever you get phone connectivity. You never know what might go wrong in the outdoors even after being super careful.

Explore the destination and have fun!

Perhaps our most valuable tip - go out and explore wherever you’re going to. Be it local bazaars, hidden alleyways in old cities, short mountain treks, ancient temples, isolated beaches, or simply interactions with the local people -all this helps you to soak up the essence of the destination!
Pro-tip: Be mindful and take prior permission when clicking photos of the locals - it may be considered disrespectful to do so without asking. This holds especially true for monasteries and places of religious interest.

So what are you waiting for? Happy travelling!

The author is founder, Countryside Adventure Holidays

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