Western Ghats: Tour of the Agumbe Rainforest

Western Ghats: Tour of the Agumbe Rainforest

This monsoon, experience the best of wildlife in the lush Agumbe rainforest

June 06 , 2016
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In the heart of the Western Ghats, the Agumbe rainforest dwells. Blessed with eight to nine metres of rainfall a year, it comes to life during the monsoon season. Then, the trees turn a deeper shade of green and become dense and lush. Animals and birds of all forms and sizes tread outside their respective homes. The ferocious king of snakes, the King Cobra, is present in these forests in its highest density. There is no doubt about the fact that Agumbe is an enigmatic jewel waiting to be unearthed, which glows its brightest when it rains. Join Kaushik Bajibab, contactable on kaushik@wishbone.co.in or on 9886169698, and his band of explorers for a trip to experience the rainforest between 17th and 19th June. See www.wishbone.co.in.

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