Benaras, 1825

A brilliant numismatist and an expert on India, James Princep, studied temple architecture and illustrated many specimens in the old city of Benaras

Benarasi chronicles

You can–t take Benaras out of a Benarasi. Roli Jindal, in her book (Benaras: A Journey Within) tells us what is so unique about the city’s culture and food

In search of the real Banarasi sari

The classic Banarasi sari, born after craftsmen migrated to Banaras (Varanasi) from Persia during Mughal times, is today fighting against the fake Bana­rasis made of Chinese silk and plastic –zari–

Pushpesh Pant

The food critic feels that Benaras – aka Varanasi – is a mecca for lovers of food