The Other Sun Temple

The Sun Temple at Modhera might be called as the lesser-known counterpart of Konark, but its exquisite artisanship tells us a different story altogether


Discover the world of art that runs parallel with the love of motorcycling in Goa

The Art of Kathakali

You might have seen the grotesquely beautiful faces of its artists painted green, yellow and red adorning many a tourism brochure, Kathakali however, is still a dying art form in India

Tcahikovsky's Swan Lake

Don’t miss Tchaikovsky’s magical Swan Lake ballet performed by these amazingly talented artists from Ukraine

Mumbai: Elephant Parade India

Elephant Parade India is an awareness raising campaign aimed at drawing attention to the plight of the endangered Asian elephant whose numbers have fallen by 90% in the last 100 years

Madhya Pradesh: Bagh Printing

Find out how a family of craftsmen has managed to preserve an indigenous form of textile printing in a little village on the banks of the Baghini river