Magical Trees of Central India

Keep an eye out for these incredible trees in the forests and highlands of Madhya Pradesh

Something for Everyone

A packed weekend of exploring a city, a stunning natural landscape, lush forests, and a tribal village

Forest Lore

Uncover ancient legends and Central India’s rich natural history on this short weekend getaway to Bandhavgarh and Ghughwa

The Great Central Indian Outdoors

On this week-long tour, sail past marble cliffs, discover 65-million-year-old fossils, and explore three thriving national parks in Madhya Pradesh


Nature Courtyard Bhopal: A Touch of Home

A charming, tree-filled homestay offers a quiet slice of nature amidst Bhopal’s urban sprawl

Nature’s Museum

Within the forests of Kanha, Singinawa Jungle Lodge is a storehouse of art, and a home to butterflies, birds, and a host of small critters

Forest Essentials

At Kipling Camp in Kanha’s buffer zone, share space with the forest’s residents and locals communities

A Home in the Wild

Rustic comforts and stories of the wilderness at Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge