Betwa Retreat

A beautiful riverside hotel in Orchha 

Alipura Palace: A Royal Experience

A palace-hotel to cherish in royal style

Faagun Haveli: A Rustic Getaway

Away from the hustle of the city

Misty Mountain Home

Greendale Resort in Pachmarhi is your perfect hideaway for a slow-paced holiday in this colonial-era hill town


Layers of Civilisation

It can be fascinating to know that the land we are now traversing perhaps covers layer upon layer of ancient and medieval rubble. Come, have a look!

Masters of Architecture

Here's a glimpse of the legacy left behind by builders and architects of Madhya Padesh–Orchha, the capital of the Bundelas, and Khajuraho, with its phenomenal temples left to us by the Chandelas.

On a Fort Trail in Madhya Pradesh

A 6-day itinerary covering three awe-inspiring forts offering a glimpse into the world as it was a few centuries ago.

On the Rocks

And every rock is a record of history


Bhopal Central

For great views and a winning location, check in at Hotel Lake View Ashok in Bhopal

A Perch in Panna

Tendu Leaf Jungle Resort – a luxurious jungle lodge

Hotel Tansen Residency

A great location, and sheer comfort at Tansen Residency 

A View of Chanderi

There is a room with a view, and all of Chanderi at your feet at Kila Kothi