Book Review: A Gourmet’s Journey

Read Jasleen Dhamija’s A Gourmet’s Journey to open your doors to food as her vivid details inspire to rustle up your own recipes, experiences and friendships

Book Review: Bella Figura

Experience Mohammadi’s journey through the streets of Florence and her candid account of her romantic encounters

How to Read New York

Grab Will Jones’s guidebook, How to Read New York to learn about the architectural landscape of New York

Keep Calm & Cook

5 star chefs share their recipes in this the first cookbook from India’s food superstore Foodhall, a premium lifestyle food superstore for people who enjoy the finer nuances of food

Indelible History

The Konyaks are literally the last of their kind, which makes this book an indispensable record of history

Of Borders and Betrayal

The author describes the customs and traditions of the Assamese Chinese, and the lives of the so-called ‘tea tribes’ minutely

Portrait of A Company

John McAller brings out the rich visual engagement between the British and India through artworks from 18th and 19th century

The Good/ Bad Britain

Meer Jafar Ali Khan’s campaign for justice generated great heat and debate in British Parliament that shattered the Company’s reputation